Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sewing Buddy!

I have a new best friend.......
I can't help spending ever spare moment with her.....
She has helped me get the creative side of my life back....
She is always there for me...waiting...
She's a singer......

My new sewing machine has arrived!!

OK, so I am officially sad!

But it's been such a great feeling to have a machine that works properly and does what it was designed to do!
I managed this pile of new items this week; each made from wonderful vintage fabrics and trims.

...And a slip cover for this basket weave chair, made from a vintage French fabric printed with pink roses on an apple green background. Perfect for the garden, now that the sun is beginning to shine.

BEFORE...................................... AFTER
As a break from sewing I also covered these wooden drawers. I used supplements from 1939 and 1940 'Amateur Gardener' magazines, featuring vibrant prints of summer flowers, glued in place with wallpaper paste.

They would be ideal to store seed packets and small gardening essentials.

Have a lovely weekend, Niki x


  1. Oh Niki, I am, So coveting that chair you covered!!!It is beautiful-see you are so inspiring, now I will have to try and do that too!!
    I would love to see a photo of your Devon Rex! The funny thing is Spider used to be curly, but his fur disappeared! The vet said it could be because our house is warmer than where he came from!!
    I am blogging alot because I am off school- it will be different next week....

  2. Hi Niki

    Yummy - all of it, including the Singer!!!

    You've inspired me again - a wicker chair needs a makeover although I'm not sure quite when that'll happen!

    Sue xx

  3. Anonymous10:53 am

    Love the chair it's beautiful. Glad to see that you have made friends so quickly with your new machine, don't wear it out too quickly!

  4. Hi Niki,

    I'm glad to see you have your new machine - it means you'll be able to make lots more lovely things!

    I love the box - the colours are so cheerful and bold!

    The chair cover is so pretty - I really do think I should just let you have a total free rein and choose the fabrics for me when it comes to covering our old chair - I know it will look wonderful!

    Have a lovely weekend - hope you're enjoying the sun today!

    Clare x

  5. Yippee!! your sewing machine is here. I understand the euphoria ... I might be sad too. Oh well were happy in our sadness ... :))

    I love love the slipcover!

    best wishes Ginny

  6. Hi Niki,
    love the slipcover, it will look lovely in your garden.
    Your blog is lovely too, I enjoy checking in often.
    xo, suzy

  7. That covered box is fab! Lucky you having a new sewing machine. I really like that slip cover you've made with it. Perfect for sitting in the garden.

  8. Congrats on the new sewing machine.
    I love the chair cover.
    Enjoy it.

  9. You have been very busy!! I love the drawers!!

  10. Love your new friend honey, she's rather modern isn't she?!

    Happy sewing x

  11. I am stunned at your superwoman burst of creativity! It would take me a year to get that much done, probably because I hate to sew! However, if I am in a decorating trance, I am most content. Your chair is BEAUTIFUL! Your blog is so inspiring-better than a decorating show!

  12. Oh my, you may be officially "sad" but I'm officially impressed. Your chair cover is beyond fabulous.

  13. Ohhh That chair cover you made..... It gorgeous! What great fabric!
    I always get so inspired when I see talented people make the most beautifull things! Enjoy your weekend and your brand new sewingmachine!

  14. Hope you're very happy with your new friend! Love your drawers Niki! So cheerful. I've never thought about covering a wicker chair, there's plenty around here that need covering. One day ...
    Kim x

  15. Everytime I think you have surpassed yourself - you go and do it again.
    Sandra. x.

  16. Niki girl you are some kind of a whirlwind crafter! You get more huge projects done every week...and they all look amazing! Can I come be your humble apprentice???

  17. Niki, all of these are so yummy!! Wonderful. Very inspiring. I think I will have to make some new pillow covers for my wicker chairs, they are definately not looking as great as yours.

    You are a genius with the sewing machine!

  18. Oh, I would so love a new sewing machine, mine is very unpredictable.

    Racheal x

  19. Congratulations on your new Singer sewing buddy Niki!

    Wow that slip cover looks just gorgeous! Could you not come over and make me one for my couch too? It really needs a new cover *sigh*

  20. Oh my, haven't we been the busy happy bee?! Wonderful work, Niki! And what a pretty new machine! =)

  21. i'm lovin' that chair you slipcovered!!!! i so wish i knew how to sew like that =) it looks gorgeous! enjoy!!! debbie

  22. OH that chair is so divine!!

    So glad you got your new sewing friend! Looks like you are making lots of pretties!


  23. Your creativity and skill never ceases to amaze me!!! Congrats on the new sewing machine! :-)

  24. Congratulations to your new sewing machine! I know how it is, when your machine doesn't do what you want her to, so you can enjoy the new one.

    The covered chair looks very nice now. Is that very difficult to do?

  25. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Wow! You are so creative & talented!! Love every bit of it. Did you make all of that in one weekend???

  26. Wow ~ you and your new friend have been busy together! Everything looks lovely!

    Have a wonderful week!

  27. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Vive Singer ! vive toutes les idées à venir ... très jolie housse aux douces couleurs de printemps !

  28. I know you must be thrilled to have your new machine!

    I am LOVIN' the wicker chair cover!!!
    And the file box.

    What a fantastic job.

    Kimberly :)

  29. I know you are happy and busy as a bee...enjoy your new friend the singer and together you will make beautiful music.....and lovely things........

  30. Hi Niki! Oh how I LOVE to visit your blog.. it's my favorite. What talent you have and your cottage is gorgeous!! The chair you covered is soooo wonderful. You have inspired me to get busy sewing. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous things..What a great sewing machine. ENJOY her :-} ~Mary~

  31. Anonymous1:54 pm

    The inspirational wicker woman! I will now be covering mine, as will my friend as soon as she see's your picture. Too damn gorgeous for words! Well done!

  32. Just ran across your blog. Great job w/ all the projects!

  33. Anonymous5:41 pm

    hiya! i love that slipcover. arent you a clever one? How is the sewing machine? Im looking for a new one too but i cant decide which one. Is there anything I should lookout for in particular?

  34. Hi Monika,
    Thanks for your comment.
    The slip cover was very easy to make. I drew a pattern on some paper - you need four sections. A front and back of the back rest, the seat pad and a skirt. Cut out the fabric and then just stitch them all together!

  35. Hello Niki, Just wanted to stop in and ask that you please keep Amy (FourSistersInACottage) in your prayers today. She is having a radical bilateral mastectomy surgery.
    Thanks so much!:-}~Mary~


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