Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nell Gwyn of Old Drury

I'm not a big fan of spiders, but even I cannot help but admire their creative side!

And talking of creativity; once in a while I find a treasure for my on-line catalogue, the like of which I know I shall never see again......
On a recent buying trip I discovered this amazing handmade doll. She really is a one-of-a-kind and has been so very carefully created with incredible attention to detail.

Her head and torso are made of wax and she has the most perfect little ringleted wig! Her stunning dress has been made from pale blue satin with a cream lace overlay all stitched by hand.

So she bares a few life scars? - don't we all?! Her nose and chin have received a small knock, but I'm sure a small application of foundation cream could rectify this! I still feel she has great charm and is a very unusual doll.

She has been made to resemble Nell Gwyn and holds a basket of oranges in her porcelain hand.

Underneath her wire framed skirt is a large dome shaped void, so she can be used to hide something beneath! She stands an impressive 40cm tall and would certainly be a talking point!

I have updated my on-line catalogue this morning, where you can find more details of this charming Nell Gwyn doll. (Sorry I'm sold.)

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  1. I am a complete spiderphobe but oh my, that web is just gorgeous, I have to agree (although now I am wondering if it houses a small or BIG spider lol))...


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