Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boudoir Doll Make-over

I would like you to meet Francoise - She is a skinny French boudoir doll dating from the Flapper era! Whilst she seems quite happy sitting here in a state of undress, I felt she needed a new wardrobe.......

I selected a collection of vintage fabrics that I thought reflected the era from which she came and made a pair of long bloomers, a petticoat, a dress with an amazing printed design and a fabulous deco velvet jacket. The white fur collar was original to her.

I also created a flapper style headdress using pink silk velvet ribbon, some vintage feathers and millinery flowers.
That's better....a more sophisticated look for a chic French mademoiselle!
I will be adding Francoise to my on-line catalogue very soon.......


  1. What a stunner Francoise is!

    Difficult decision re the comments, but everyone seems to be in agreement that there's no need to respond, and certainly no reason to feel guilty.

    Glad your holiday was relaxing and refreshing. Hope to see you soon.

    Sue xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous !!!


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