Sunday, December 16, 2007

Feeling Festive!

We have always waited until the girls have broken up from school before decorating our home for Christmas. We shall be buying a real Christmas tree next week.

But my eldest two daughters return home from University this weekend (can't wait!), so I wanted to add a bit of a festive feel to the home to welcome them.
I brought some twigs in from the garden and placed them in a big Victorian china jug. I then hung all of the vintage glass baubles that I found at the flea market last week onto the branches.
On the table top I displayed my glitter village. These are very difficult to find in the UK, so I bought these last year from the States. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive in time for Christmas, so this is there first airing!!
I think there is now a company in the UK selling some, so no doubt they will be everywhere next year.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and getting into the festive spirit, Niki x


  1. hi niki, i love all of your vintage pretties, they look beautiful! and i adore that aqua blue paint - wow!!!! love it. merry, merry christmas to you and your family, debbie

  2. Anonymous5:22 pm

    So, so very lovely! I love all of the soft pastels and can't wait to see your decorated tree. I adore the juxtaposition of the bare, rough branches and the shiny, sparkly bulbs...

  3. Anonymous6:53 pm

    very original!
    Happy Holidays !

  4. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Hi Niki,

    What a wonderful welcome for your girls! The baubles look fantastic on the branches. Our tree goes up next weekend with all the decorations! Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Pauline xx

  5. Lovely for your girls to come home to something so pretty, the vintage decs look wonderful. I'm hoping I add to my collection of vintage decs next year from the boot sales, they're so gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. What a lovely welcome for your girls. Everything looks so pretty, love the colours.

  7. I love the beautiful pastel colors that you used, and your vintage houses are lovely. What a clever idea that pitcher with branches for your Christmas balls. Lovely.

  8. Charming!
    I like your glitter village houses!
    I have one, perhaps I should collect more!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Niki
    Your Christmas decorations look good enough to eat!
    Just gorgeous!!
    I love your Putz houses and have hankered after some for a while now.. the vintage ones are so much nicer !
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas at the Stone House... with all your girls home for some festive family fun!

    Much love

  10. Love the display. Have a wonderful Christmas with your girls.

  11. How lovely, Niki! My mother did the very same thing one year when I came home from college for Christmas! She used twigs and holly from our yard and put them into an old vintage jug and put little white lights on them! I ADORE all your vintage glass ornaments - such pretty colors!

  12. Love your colors and the glitter village is divine.

  13. That entire display is absolutely beautiful. Stunning! I LOVE all the vintage ornaments you found - what lucky finds indeed!

  14. It looks beautiful Niki!!
    I love the colors.

  15. Hi Niki

    It looks just wonderful, so very pretty.

    I can't wait to see your tree after you have given it your magic touch!

    Clare x

  16. What beautiful decorations :)

  17. So pretty and so unusual colours for Christmas but how well they gowith the room. It is allso pretty.
    Oh! and I do love Bath.

  18. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Hi Niki,

    I love your vintage baubles and the simplest displays are often the most effective. Enjoy your weekend of decorating.

    Marie x

  19. A wonderful Christmas display to welcome your daughter home. The things from the flea market (previous post) are amazing. I would have been filling up my shopping cart.

    I see some folks in blogland are making their own glitter villages.


  20. It really is a beautiful display, the baubles are really pretty in the twig tree - and I love those little houses too.

    It looks like your ready for Christmas already Niki.

    best wishes Ginny

  21. Hi Niki,
    What a lovely way to display those gorgeous bauble, you can see them so much better than on a Christmas tree, though I'm sure your tree will be equally gorgeous! The village houses are just the cutest things - I want some right now:-)
    Lucy x

  22. Your branches and your gliter village looks beautiful ! meryy Christmas ~ Julia x

  23. Hello again, Niki! I hope you're having a wonderful time with your girls home and your family visiting!

    I was just having another peek at your lovely holiday home, and I noticed you have those little cupboard doors just below your ceiling! My brother's antique mansard home has those, and none of us had ever seen anything quite like it before (it's very unusual here at home). He was delighted to have all that extra storage! lol Is there a name for them?

  24. It all looks so very pretty - the vintage baubles are perfect for your decor.

  25. Niki!!! How did you think of this? I love these photos! I'm gonna have to be a copycat now :) Old glass balls on branches in a pitcher...and the glitter houses are precious! My mother has old ones over the fireplace. I'd love to walk you thru her home...where I grew up. Merry Christmas!

  26. Anonymous7:44 pm

    This is absolutely lovely!

  27. So lovely and thoughtful!

  28. I really like how this looks with your ornaments on the branch. The mirror behind it is a great touch!
    I enjoy visiting your site!!

  29. Anonymous5:58 am

    Hello Niki!!!
    I was just blog hopping and came across yours...Such eye candy!! LOOOVE it to bits!! Everything is so so sweet and lovely!! I had visited you in the past but lost your link...sooo happy to have found you again!! :)

    These photos of your shiney happy twig tree make my heart sing!! LOOVE it!!

    I am going through your archives right be prepared for more random comments!

    Best Wishes!

    Love from the Jersey Shore!
    xoxo Jenny Holiday


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