Friday, December 07, 2007

A Tidy Workroom & a Trip to Bath....

I have found the last week to be a little tedious. Although I am quite used to spending a lot of time at home due to my work being based here, I've been suffering from the fluey/cold that has been about and so I didn't really feel up to doing very much....

I decided to make use of my time by sorting out all of my vintage fabrics - believe me, they needed it!! I keep them in this large glazed armoire in my workroom, which means that they are on view all of the time.

Years ago, I would buy old damaged eiderdowns that had seen better days, but whose fabrics were still pretty. I would carefully unpick all of the quilted stitching and then empty the cover of feathers. (If you have ever tried this, you will know the mess involved!) The piles of fabrics above are mostly all old eiderdown cottons, which I have now trimmed of all their ragged edges, removed the remaining feathers and pressed each piece with lavender water. My whole house ended up looking like a feather factory! I was covered in fine feathers too, which didn't help with my sneezing...If I had gone out into the garden, I'm sure my hens would have thought I was one of them!
It has taken most of the week to iron every single panel of fabric that I own, but I am hopeful that this will make it easier to work with.
I even tackled my little French vitrine, with its red, white and blue French tickings and ginghams.
I recently bought the little bear, called Sasha, from Mia at manOmine. Her hand stitching is impeccable and I think he looks very cute guarding my fabrics!

As you can see, my workroom needs more work, but today I was feeling a lot better so decided to leave the chaos to get out into the big wide world for few hours....
A German style Christmas Market is still on for a couple more days, so I decided to visit the centre of Bath. It was a beautifully mild day and the Abbey looked even more impressive than usual against the blue sky with the large Fir tree standing in front.

And surrounding it are lots of little wooden chalets selling all manner of festive treats.

I loved this one selling Christmas wreathes and plants, with the Hyacinth bulbs planted into it's roof.

There is such a lovely atmosphere for shoppers, with mulled wine on offer, roasted chestnuts and cheerful music....

Bath is a very bohemian city and so is extremely popular with tourists from all around the world, who come to visit the historical buildings too.
Here an Irish man was playing the fiddle, singing folk songs and walking a tight-rope at the same time!
Can you spot the silver painted man pretending to be a metal statue, as an old fashioned carousel glides around outside the Pump Rooms?

I certainly feel better for my little foray, even though I didn't bump into Nicholas Cage as Michele managed to do(!), I did come home with these little treasures:
A Victorian religious card and some adorable miniature hand-knitted jumpers from the Christmas market. Each one was presented on a tiny beaded wire coat hanger; I am thinking of using them on some of my handmade dolls in the new year, when I have time to start sewing again. (In the meantime, I think I will hang them on our Christmas tree.)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,
Love Niki x


  1. Hi Niki
    What a week you have had with the cold and feathers and all!
    So lovely to see Bath through your eyes and your photos of the market are the closest I have got to it this year! I love the little jumpers.. how about putting one on your Sasha bear who incidentally is gorgeous!

  2. again.. being a bit greedy with your comment space.. meant to say..pop over to C & C. I am having another giveaway.

  3. Ha Ha the feather quilts - Yes been there too. Isn't it satifsying when the job is done .... and the feathers have all gone:))

    I LOVE those little jumpers - what a great idea for your rag dolls.

    Glad that you feel better, don't go out this weekend Niki - bad storms a foot:((
    best wishes Ginny

  4. Niki! I've been to Bath and I recognize the buildings you posted right away! Now all I want under the Christmas tree this year is an envelope with a plane ticket inside! =)

    Hubby and I had delicious organic scones and yummy tea at a little shop a short walking distance from the baths. I wonder if it is still there. I remember we had to walk down one level (was it in a cellar if I remember correctly)? I also think it was on a street corner.

  5. I think I would have liked to join you on your little outing today. Looks like a wonderful day. Not just the market itself but the weather. Oh my. I would pay a bundle for some sunshine right about now. Just a tiny sliver of blue sky ...

  6. Oh, the Bath Christmas market looks so much better than when I saw it last week in the pouring rain. I didn't notice those hyacinths in the roof, probably because it was so torential you'd be a fool to look up! Have a great weekend x

  7. Lovely fabrics and sounds like the market was fantastic

  8. What a busy girl you've been! Do you think you ought to brave Shepton on Sunday? The weather forecast isn't good and I've temporarily mislaid your pile of lace!

    Sue x

  9. I love your fabric stash! The market in Bath looks wonderful! Bath is such a pretty city to visit, I have done the tourist thing there! xo, suzy

  10. So glad that you had such a mild day on your visit to the Christmas market. We may have crossed paths without knowing... I live in Bath and went to the market three times this week. I didn't bump into Nicholas Cage either :-)

  11. Oh goodness certainly a full week!
    Hope you are feeling better!
    Bath looks beautiful, I love Christmas markets, and I'm off over to Michele's straight away to hear about Nicholas Cage!!!!
    Alison x

  12. Hope you're feeling better Niki - it's a nasty thing going round. How I would love to have a rummage in all your fabric, it looks beautiful and well done you for doing all that ironing, I use lavender water to help turn ironing into a treat too (not much of a treat!). I haven't been to Bath in years so it was lovely to see some photos, thanks.
    Have a good weekend and get well

  13. I visited Bath a couple of years ago, and you refreshed my memory, loved it!
    I have that much needed job ahead of me, sorting and ironing, I will try the lavender water!
    Love your collection!

  14. Niki your fabric collection is just stunning!and how lucky you are to have a workroom! my stuff is slowly taking over our dining room!
    Bath looks absolutely lovely, I would love to visit someday,enjoy the holidays Niki.xx

  15. I also love Bath, love your amazing collection of fabrics (what a story behind them!!!) and I love my darling Sasha among them! Very lucky bear ;)

    Get better! x

  16. Love the photos. So sorry you were feeling bad.
    Hope you are doing a lot better.
    Visit me quick, I am having a giveaway tomorrow.

  17. Love your vintage fabric. I can't sew, but I do love the fabric. It makes you smile just looking at all the colors. Glad you had a wonderful trip.


  18. I enjoyed this tour so much. I have fun coming to your blog each time I visit!

  19. Hello there - I too have bought some pegs and hangers from Lucy wasnt it a joy to open - her hangers were a present for my friend but I will have to find her something else or do I be sensible and get myself some after Xmas - yes I will be nice!! I have also taken an old eiderdown to pieces this summer - my husband helped and how we laughed - a calm still day turned into a breeze as soon as we started to empty the feathers but Wow it was worth it the fabric was lovely and I was surprised how much I managed to save - its so fine isnt it. I have plans for hearts and hangers and cushions as I slowly get all my stuff together - but only after we have moved - if you read my blog you will see when that won't be!!

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