Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hello, Dolly!

If you travel around Blogland today, you will discover lots of posts about vintage dolls. Lori at 'Faerie Window' organised a doll challenge for bloggers to share photos of their doll collections.

The dust here at the Stone House is horrendous today - the builder has been blasting the floor of the basement ready for the leveling compound to go down. So again I have to share some archive photos with you, as I have had to cover everything to protect it from the dusty atmosphere......so I'm sorry if you've seen these before....

This rag doll sits on top of the dresser in our living room.
A sophisticated lady poses in the downstairs loo!
Dolls amongst my millinery collection.

A cute little French doll.
I have received an email from Heather today to say that she has received my swap parcel for the 'Junque in my Trunk Swap', so I have posted some photos of the box of goodies that I sent to her on Flickr.
Hope you enjoyed opening your box of 'junque', Heather!!!
I'm off to hem some curtains in my daughters bedroom now.
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Hello, Your post is inspiring me! I have a couple of those white china doll heads, which I use in my antique doll shops, but I can dress them up too. Thanks for inspiration. Good luck building and renovating, it isn't always easy to see that you first will have an awfull mess to achieve something beautifull, I know that from experience. I love that little doll with the rose bottle too.

  2. Lovely dolls!!! The little french one is too cute! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  3. Anonymous11:00 am

    Beautiful as always, Niki!!! I have no words for your box of "junque" ...!!!!!!
    Your dolls are superb- I love the rag doll very much, and the pretty little French doll is really a cutie!!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

  4. Hi Niki, I never get tired of your wonderful pictures! xo, suzy

  5. Niki, thank you so much for playing dolls with me today:) you have some real sweeties there, and i so love coming over and seeing the very sweet dolls that you have in your banner...my favorite today is the french doll, she has the most adorable little face and looks as if she is planning some fun!!!

  6. your dolls are so charming. i love the french one.

  7. I adore your rag doll! Did you make her? Beautiful!

  8. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Some wonderful dolls here, thanks for sharing (love the busts on the shelf)

  9. What an adorbable collection of dolls you have! Thank you so much for sharing with us!


  10. lovely..especially the box or cloth? with the rabbit on it is it for sale?! the flowers are to die for.. !!

  11. Love all your dolls! :)

  12. I really like the two dolls busts pictures on the shelf. What great expressions. My favorite though is the "Sophisticated". That is one I would love to own! Thanks for sharing these vintage dolls:)

  13. Oh My! The doll head off to the right with the butterfly over her head is exquisite. I love her!

    Thanks for sharing your dolls


  14. Great dolls, they are wonderful,


  15. Lovely collection. I love the doll head hat stand!

  16. Lovely dolls!...Have a great day, Niki...Katie

  17. love that sweet little ragdoll on your dresser! she is adorable!

  18. Hi Niki, I was just looking around blogland today and came upon yours. It is so pretty. I love all of your dolls as well. I hope you dont mind I added you to my "cute blog list" so that I may come back again! Have a great day... Gail

  19. Wonderful doll collection.
    I love the junque box that you put together for the swap,
    very nice.


  20. So many pretty things to see, love them all...thanks for sharing you dolls are so wonderful Pinkie Denise

  21. Very cute Niki!!

  22. Such lovely dolls and this little one at the bottom of your post is so pretty. Karen

  23. Anonymous3:12 am

    I love the old dolls here.. your little french doll is my fave !!! Thanks for sharing them.


  24. Lovely, love how you have them displayed around your home:) Rachael

  25. Hello NIki I could sit and look at your beautiful collections all day! Poor you with all that dust, you should just go out and not come back until it's done! The photos are lovely and I'm going over to flickr now to check the others out too. good luck with the builders

  26. Gorgeous dolls!
    Sandra Evertson

  27. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Beautiful photos Niki, what superb "junque" you sent as well. Thanks for the link to the other dolls, I'm having great fun looking at them all; I'm having to do it in stages otherwise it's a bit overwhelming! Jackie Mx

  28. =^..^= oh my goodness!

    Your little dollies are so wonderful ...
    The cutie little French doll has my heart. Perhaps it is the fabric lining the trunk in which she sits ::sigh:: how sweet and wonderful!

    I really must return to peek into your archives. I just know I will be lost for hours and hours ::sigh::

    So happy to have found you.
    Thanks for inviting us all to visit.
    See you again soon.
    =^..^= love, zU

  29. Scrummy photos as usual Nikki. I have your lace. I removed it prior to the sale as it had your name on it! I just need to remember where I put it now ;-)

  30. Love the doll heads!!! The reclining lady is wonderful too! Thank you for showing your unique dolls!

  31. Hi Niki, i was too slow and missed out joining in on the doll challenge but have greatly enjoyed seeing everyone elses!!
    too cute :0)
    alicia ~ time worn style

  32. You have the sweetest doll collection!! I especially love the one with the floral dress and the red flower on her head and the ones with you have displayed with your millinery! I love all of your photos! You have such a wonderful style and a gift for displaying your treasures in the prettiest, most charming ways!!

  33. such lovely little dolls - the little french doll is trying to steal my heart. :)

    I missed the party but decided to post my own favs just the same. If you are interested, feel free to stop by: http://3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com/2008/04/doll-party-worse-than-fashionably-late.html

    smiles ~M~

  34. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Hello, I had a doll almost identical to the little french one pictured. She was called Itsy Beans and I used to hide her in my dad's suitcase as he worked away a lot. I wish I could find her again, she was so dear to me!


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