Sunday, April 20, 2008

'Show & Tell' and a Swap.

The 'Show & Tell' topic for today, organised by Cerri, is 'Jewels', to include our vintage costume jewelery collections and where they are stored.

I have some necklaces displayed around the neck of my antique French bust.

Teeny brooches are pinned to a miniature Stockman mannequin.....

....and larger pieces are displayed on my full sized one!

A French fabric covered box holds some more brooches and buckles waiting to be added to my hand made bags.

This very old glass box with ribbon trimmed edges keeps these brooches on my dressing table.

My favourite collection is the Czechoslovakian and Austrian brooches, which I store to overflowing in this small glass casket, lined in satin.

I love the colours and assorted designs and look for these wherever I go.
And this is my most favourite mirror, created by a friend using broken jewellery, beads and sea shells.
I got up early this morning to visit a local car boot sale. It was such a dismal foggy day that very few traders had turned up, so unfortunately I came away empty handed.
Luckily, I had something to look forward to when I came home. I had saved a parcel that had arrived for me yesterday, so made a hot cup of tea and settled down to open my surprise.
The beautifully wrapped wooden sewing machine drawer had been sent to me by the VERY generous Heather of Pretty Petals, as my gift for the 'Junque in my Trunk' swap. BIG thank you Heather for putting together such a truly wonderful collection of pretties. I love EVERYTHING and feel so blessed to have had you as my partner.
The drawer was wrapped in pretty vintage handkerchiefs - so inspired - and held in place with ribbons and a rose. Inside, the trunk was tightly packed with aqua (my favourite colour!), purple and peachy pink treasures.
Rolls of stunning wallpapers, ledger pages and papers dated 1872. The adorable powder box was filled with lace and diamante jewels.

LOVE the roses and the matchbox. Matching silken thread, buttons and Victorian scraps.

A panel of 50's Barkcloth lined the base.
Ribbons, lace and millinery buds all beautifully tied with flair.
And still more discoveries....a bottle filled with vintage pink glitter, packets of bias tape and sweet flowers.
Wrapped inside a square of fabric was this tiny half doll - I've always wanted one!
This was the first big swap that I have participated in and I am SO glad that I did!
Thank you again Heather, for not only organising the swap, but for my wonderful treasure box of delights. I can't wait to have a play with all the delicious items.
Finally, sometimes real life has to get in the way of Blogging! Lol.
The builders have finished working on our basement, so I now have lots of decorating to do and then the moving in of my furniture and supplies into my new workspace. I will then need to get my business back on track, as well as deal with other commitments that I have going on just now.
Please forgive me if I am not around for a while, but I need to get down to these important tasks.
Be back soon, (the roses are for you!)
Niki x


  1. Wow Niki, your jewels are fabulous, I had a feeling there would be a post today! And the swap items are just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your finished workroom too!
    best wishes,
    Lucy x

  2. Anonymous12:24 pm

    What beautiful treasures Niki, thanks for sharing them with us and thank you too for the roses! Good luck with all your plans. Jackie Mx

  3. Ouch, I think I banged my head on the floor when I passed out after seeing all your fabulous vintage jewels! Then I passed out again when I saw all the fabulous goodies that you received from your swap partner, Heather! You are a lucky girl to have gotten such a generous swap partner. Now hurry up and get that new studio decorated, I can't wait to see the results!! xo, suzy

  4. such beautiful little treasures you have..

  5. Hi Niki! You have a gorgeous jewelry collection!! Looks like Heather sent you so many lovely goodies!! We will all miss you while you take a Blogland break. Hoping there will be lots of photos showing the decorating you have done! I love seeing the photos of your beautiful home and your fun and pretty collections!

  6. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Hi Niki! Gorgeous jewels, and beautifully displayed, as always!!
    Heather's swap pretties are fabulous! I wonder how she could manage to cram that box with so many things!!! Glorious!

    Have a nice week and enjoy yourself in the basement!


  7. Hi there I am new to your blog and love it. Your collection of jewellery is fab, but I particularly love your mirror. What a great idea for using all those bits and bobs. Am new to blogging myself and was wondering how do you get people to find your blog?

  8. WOW!!!! look at all this glorious stuff.
    what fab treasures!!!
    thanks for sharing.

  9. SO happy so see your swap package arrived safe and sound... I love the idea of that little trunk making its way so far across the ocean to you.. lol!! I am so glad that you loved your pretties... I really enjoyed picking and choosing things with your tastes in mind. Also wanted to tell you that the pink silk piece of fabric was a piece of the dress that i cut off and put the top on my mannequin??? remember that photo with the roses around the her top?

    Your jewels are just gorgeous!!! I am so thrilled for you that you get to decorate your room! That is the super fun part. xoxo heather

  10. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Wow! What a lovely collection of treasure! You'll have a great time sorting through it! good luck...Pam

  11. Hi Niki!
    Well of course I expected you to have such fine jewelry, but the places where you keep them are so beautiful too, those glass caskets and the little Stockman mannequin... all even better with the jewelry.
    I love your swap with Heather. I have seen what she has received too. Well done for the both of you. Isn't this fun? I don't know which part is better, the search, the giving or the receiving.
    Now enjoy the fun part of your construction saga!

  12. Dear Niki - I love your jewels, and I'm so glad I found your blog. The pictures down the left hand side are gorgeous - can't wait to come back and read more.

  13. Anonymous10:01 pm

    What a wonderful collection you have, and I love the mannequins, both large and small. You got some really great swap items from your swap partner. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Gorgeous collection! And I love the little glass boxes. What a perfect place to store your small treasures!

    Kimberly :)

  15. Anonymous12:41 am

    oh niki, you always have the best PRETTIES =) and i love the goodies you received from heather. i'm sure you'll create lots of beautiful treasures with those. can't wait to see photos of your work room once it's all decorated. debbie

  16. What stunning jewelry you have, Niki! I do love the little glass casket! And the swap you received from Heather is just scrumptious.

    Now you get to have fun decorating your new space! I can't wait to see it once you've finished it! Hubby has replaced three of our horrible old windows with new "double-glazed" ones (we lose so much heat in winter with our old windows). While I can't redecorate an entire room, at least I can re-do a few window treatments. =)

  17. Niki, your jewelry is all stunning, and your vignettes and displays of them are truly works of art...everything just looks so pretty and sweet...i adore the bust that you have, she is very beautiful...and my goodness, Heather really sent you the most amazing and pretty things, what a lovely assortment of goodies you received!!!

  18. Stunning! Everything on your post is just stunning! Love how you've displayed all your jewelry. And what beautiful goodies you've received from Heather. Your old French bust is divine!

  19. Oh my gosh, I came here to see the jewels and knew you'd have lots of pretty ones, I was right! And the stuff from Heather?? Wow!

  20. Hi Niki,
    I see we have had the same themes for yesterdays posts! Your Vintage jewelry collection is wonderful and so are all the goodies you got from Heather, this was such a fabulous swap!
    Have fun decorating yor new work space!
    Hugs Carol xox

  21. I love your beautiful vintage jewelry. But, the mirror with it's gorgeous frame is my favourite


  22. I love your necklaces and the mirror is divine!

  23. Wow, you have quite the collection. I love, love the way you have things displayed. I am in Love with the french bust. Very awesome.

  24. Wow !!! I love that mirror and your Italian florals. Amazing photos! Stunning collection. Thank you for sharing.

    ~ Karen at Ciderantiques

  25. What totally yummy the great bling!!! So many pretty would be hard to choose a favorite!!

  26. Niki,

    Loved seeing your treasured jewels and Heather's swap presents to you. Aren't we lucky girls to be Heather's swap partners. I'm sad you will be busy doing other things for awhile, but am looking forward to seeing your new crafting studio when you return. Best wishes,


  27. oh beautiful photos..what eye candy! I love your glass box with the ribbon edges and what a fantastic swap!

    enjoy your blogging break..

    ps thanks for your're absolutely right,they all had no children or only child parents..I had never thought about it until you said really!! I was going to delete that post, but am so glad I didn't, it really helped me put things in perspective.
    S x

  28. Wow, your collection is absolutely breathtaking...!!! Thank you for sharing! Take care!

  29. what a lot of lovely stuff, love your jewels and love your swap too

  30. Looking at your photos has made me feel like when I was a little girl and my auny would bring her brooches round in a tin for me to play with. my favourite kind of playing, thanks!

  31. You have so many pretty things,and you have given me so much inspiration to carry on my little collections, thank you Niki. cant wait to see your lovely work room.

  32. What beautiful treasures! I'm breathless!
    I found you through paris parfait. It's great to meet you!

  33. All that glitters is .... wonderful!
    I love these brooches as a collection.. and I especially love that little glass casket..

    Hope watching paint dry doesn't get too tedious!
    It will be worth it all in the end.

  34. Hi Niki,
    Thanks for all of the pretty eyecandy. Love the French bust!!
    She is so pretty!
    Looks like so much fun!

  35. Oh, my Goodness, your Jewel collection is Stunning. It is a piece of Heaven. The Roses are Gorgeous also..

  36. Your jewel collection is stunning!!!!!!!!! And I love the other goodies too with so much shabby chic style.

  37. I am loving that mirror your friend made. OK loving all of it!!!


  38. Pretty collection! I missed the bling show and tell, but I posted my 2 fav pieces and a short tutorial on Weiss jewelry. Hope you stop by ans say hi!

  39. That mirror is amazing! I want one!!

    Lindsay XX

  40. Take care Niki, have some fun. There are enough pictures here to keep me happily looking forward to your return.
    Hugs Lynn x


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