Monday, August 18, 2008

More Treasures from the Past

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my blog or who emailed me privately in response to my previous post. I am so very grateful for your kindness and encouragement to keep doing what I do. At the end of the day, I write my blog to provide a fun and frivolous romp through a nostalgia inspired world and so is not meant to be taken too seriously....there's far too much serious stuff in the real world!

My middle daughter has decided to take a gap year before returning to Uni in the hope that she can spend this year earning some money to ease the financial pressure that will be on her when she goes back. I know that the reality dawned on her when my eldest daughter completed her 3 years with a large debt at the end of it, so I feel that we need to support her in this sensible decision.
Bless her, she bought me the beautiful bunch of lilies with her first wage packet -I have placed them on my chippy green table, that some of you may have seen before. I love to have fresh flowers here when I can - either harvested from my garden, or bought for a few pennies from my local greengrocer. The lilies will remain here until the last possible moment, as I really want to savour these treasures!

And talking of treasures, despite more summer rain, I have managed to attend a few sales recently, so wanted to share some photos of my recent discoveries.

The daisy printed chocolate box contained a vintage lace wedding veil. It is soaking in some Lux flakes at the moment to freshen it up and then I shall return it to the box for safe keeping. The pretty assortment of costume brooches will find their way onto more of my handmade articles.
I couldn't pass up this sweet country style cruet set in the shape of vintage bee skeps, with its pink and blue hand painted flowers and moulded honey bees sitting on top of the salt and pepper pots.
It's been a good week for finding romantic vintage china pieces.

I particularly like the magenta roses on this Victorian jug. Inside, the glaze is very crazed, but it will make a sweet vase for a late summer garden posy.

Cheerful primroses feature on these Deco items - I just love a mis-matched set like this.

A lovely lady who was a 'must-buy'. This unusual ballerina doll has been modelled around a wire framework, so stands elegantly all by herself in a graceful and realistic pose. I imagine that she was created in the 1950's with her amazing nipped-in waist and other attributes(!) to match some of the film stars of the era - lucky girl!
And finally this selection of magazines, also from the 1950's, had to come home with me. The contents offer a fascinating glimpse into women's interests of the time and include fashion, recipes, love stories and interior decorating.
I guess some things don't change, but it was the full page advertisements that I was particularly drawn to.

I think some of them could pass for eye-catching artworks, when placed within a simple picture frame. My favourite is the 'Cussons Blue Hyacinth', which I shall hang in my bathroom to add another nod to nostalgia on its walls! Not that it really needs another, but I can't resist.....
I'll leave you with some other familiar brands, which you may like to select your favourite from.
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. What a perfect shopping expedition. Love the cruet Niki, and everything else of course. I can dream and pretend I'm the same shape as the Kayser Bondor stockings model!! I obviously ate too much Blancmange as a child!!!!

    Sue xx

  2. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Love the flowers from your daughter what a sweet treat ! I enjoyed your post today as usual!!!!!

  3. Anonymous8:33 am

    Hope you daughter does well with her job and catch up year , not sure if I would like to be a student now !

    All those lovely reminders of past trends ...I love the yellow tea set full of colour ,life and era,and the mellow cruit set....and the "sparklies"

    Wonderful adverts , is it me or do you Niki take more time reading the adverts like these compared to todays photographic adverts ? To think someone would have painted the original advert, beautiful and detailed . I like the advert with the "westie" on ! ! dont know why !

    Thank you for taking the time to put together and share these capsulals of time , a time when rationing was still ongoing re the magazines and between the wars egar for colour and comfort ..

    Enjoy the time with your girls Niki and thank you again.

  4. Great purchases Niki, as always.

    I admire your daughter's good sense,I'm sure she will go far in the world, I only wish my eldest was as sensible but that is another story.

    As for the contention over your previous post, well I really don't get it, I suppose some people just have a bit too much time on their hands....

  5. What inspiring treasures you've found, Niki! My favorite has to be the lilies from your daughter, and the story behind them. I LOVE the deco tea set, but I must say that "top-heavy" doll takes the cake! lol =)

  6. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Crikey, those adverts, I'm almost SWOONING! Happy days....

  7. I want to thank you for all of your wonderful,lovely posts. I was born in 1947 so some of your posts are very familiar to me and bring back fond memories of a gentler time. There had been tough times, conflicts of war, etc. but still there was something very special to me to grow up during those times. I definately agree with you about the real world. I really don't specifically pay attention to the news or even read the paper. I get all I need in bits and pieces. I'd rather read a good book or work in my sewing room and be away from it all.
    Your victorian jug reminds me of a piece my aunt gave me. It's a little dish(she always served radishes, etc. in it) and it has that same finish and flowers. I do cherish it. I think you've inspired me to go to my china cabinet and look harder at all the beautiful things I do have. They have all been very special to me because of my family memories associated with them. Many are much older than me as I remember my Gram having them when I was little. I'll post some photos sometime and invite you by to see some of my treasures.
    Thank you again and please keep it up. I can add reading your blog to my list of things to do instead of read the paper.

  8. Love those primroses and all those adverts! What a great find! It always amazes me that paper items survive so well! Are those blancmanges supposed to be edible - being a child of the 60's I'm much more an Angel Delight girl - a few more additives! Lovely pink though! Great post as ever! t.xx

  9. What wonderful advertisements Niki. they don't make 'em like that these days!!!! Love the new china, it;s so pretty. Please wish your daughter good luck from me, I remember being a student with a grant and realise now just how lucky I was

  10. I think the old illustrations are so much more attractive than modern advertisements! The Bee skep pieces are so cute. My maiden name is Immenhauser and the family crest is a beehive with 3 bees over it. Because of this, I keep my eyes open for bee themed items!

  11. What a find you have in those fabulous vintage magazines! I LOVE old magazines- and those advertisements you have shown are some of the very best I have EVER seen! Wow.



  13. Oh such eye candy Niki! and what wouldnt I give for that handbag on the last pic!

  14. Anonymous10:19 am

    Oh what a super collection of goodies. Envious here! Mind you I mustn't complain, as I have had some wonderful treasures from auction recently, embroidered pieces as well as china.

    If you check out my blog, you will find there is something there for you. Jennie xx

  15. Those magazine adverts have a style about them that you just don't see anymore. All your other goodies are lovely too - as usual - you must have a radar for them. I did the Castle Coombe boot again a couple of weeks ago but the weather was terrible and half the sellers packed up and went home as soon as it started raining! Still, fingers crossed for good weather in September.

  16. Hi Niki thank you sooo much for your help. Here I go with your instructions printed beside me, I really don't think I am as dence as I must seem to you!
    Your blog is always such a pleasure to read It is so great to read and see things that appeal so much. Ialso love all things with a past or that have a vintage feel to them.

    Here we go I hope it gets to you!
    Have a great Sunday

  17. Great thrifty finds !! I'm partial to the vintage jewelry & also the china pieces with the cabbage roses . About 2 weeks agao I fountwo very shapley dolls just like the one you found . One of mine is an indian woman and one is a woman in a short dress holding a parrasol. Both have the same face as yours and tiny waists with large busts and wide hips. Both are wearing high heels ! I put them in my shop to sell . It's funny though I never saw any like that before and then I see one on your blog right after finding mine . :o) Sue


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