Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've Been Sewing.....

I have received many emails over the last few months asking if I intend to make my rag dolls again. As some of you may know, I suffer with an RSI in my wrist, caused by many years of stuffing the dolls limbs so firmly! I have decided to try to pace myself this time and to create one per week up until Christmas, which I hope will not cause the problem to flare-up again. It should also mean that I will have the time to produce the other items on my site. (Family commitments permitting)
I will be making my larger size rag dolls for now, to see if there is any interest. Each one is unique and dressed in my best antique/vintage fabrics and trims. (Please note that they are designed as collectables for display and not as toys)

So the first raggy friend, hot off the sewing machine, is Fleur.
She wears a dress of C19th French toile, with scarlet background and French grey pastoral scenes, flowers and acanthus leaves.
Her French linen jacket was fashioned from C19th sheeting finished by hand and has an assortment of red plastic buttons as decoration along the opening edge.

Beneath her dress is a pretty petticoat trimmed with hand crochet lace.....

and red ticking bloomers cinched at the ankles. Her hand painted boots are embellished with mother-of-pearl buttons and striped ticking tops.
Fleur was added to my website yesterday, but in future I shall add all other dolls that I manage to produce, in with my usual catalogue update and will inform those on my mailing list of the new selection.
If you would like to know more about my dolls, I wrote a blog post over a year ago, here.
I have several displayed in my home. One, dressed in blue Vichy check, sits on an old wash stand in my bedroom.....

Another perches up on a cupboard in our living room, along with her pink painted basket and doll-sized canine friend!
I also have one hanging from a coat hook in my hallway to greet all those who enter!

Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. How absolutely gorgeous! Rachaelxo

  2. Anonymous9:10 am

    Oh they are so sweet, I love the lovely girl hanging, a great idea! Here is hoping your RSI doesn't play up and we see more of your lovely creations.
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  3. These are just stunning. I may as well put away the fabric and needles now because there doesn't seem a lot of point to my even trying. Sorry to hear about the RSI. I've mentioned before elsewhere but frankincense is quite helpful for this kind of 'injury'. Why not try some in a lovely bath? Burn some frankincense as well - it's divine even if it doesn't work for the RSI!

  4. Morning Niki - sorry for my in depth ramblings to you!...i dont know how you have the patience to make these attention span is about 1 hour! They are extreeeeemly beautiful though...I wanted that one! its red! You'll have to make one for me, otherwise ill have to come down and hijack them all!! He He!

    Love H

  5. Anonymous11:15 am

    I've never commented before just admired your style and decorating skills. I just had to tell you that w/the last few posts of pictures of your English countryside, what entertainment you have brought someone from Boston, Ma, USA. Please be aware of the joy that you bring to someone thousand of miles away.

    The dolls are lovely!

    Thanks, Jane Millie

  6. They are so lovely Niki, the colours and fabrics are wonderful. They all have such character too, I bet you enjoy making them.
    Take care and look after that wrist

  7. Anonymous3:43 pm

    The dolls are just gorgeous!!
    Take care of the wrist I know how that feels.

  8. As usual Niki,I am astounded by your talent! Fleur is divine,you really are very clever.

  9. Anonymous5:27 pm

    They are gorgeous Niki and your blog post answers my email, thank you! JackieMx

  10. just beautiful. those linens look scrummy! can't wait to see more as they arrive- but do take care of that wrist - you need to be fit enough to cook christmas lunch! t.xx

  11. I have been wondering about your lovely dolls and now here you are with an update. Fleur is gorgeous! I already have one of your beautiful dolls, but now I find myself wondering if she needs a new friend to keep her company! I think pacing yourself is a great idea, but still think one a week is pretty good going.

    Sophie x

  12. Anonymous10:26 am

    I've been dreaming of one of your dolls for months, to keep company to mine!
    Hope to be able to purchase one, sooner or later!

    They are stunning.

    Monica xo.

  13. Your talents are endless Niki.. but I have to say these are my favourites.. They have so much character and style..and I am so grateful to have one of my very own Nostalgia creations!!

    Go easy with the stuffing!!

    You have a wonderful weekend too!
    Michele xx

    P.s I have meant to say to you.. the French Confirmation photographs on your website are so reminiscent of my mother's Belgian confirmation photograph. One day I will send you a photo of her so you can see.. If I can find it!

  14. Anonymous4:20 pm

    No speak english !...Sorry !

    Bonjour je suis franç je visite pour la 1ère fois ce blog charmant avec de jolies photos...comme j'aime !
    Je suis fan de si tu le souhaites je t'invite à venir faire un petit tour...

    By By...


  15. Your cloth dolls are just lovely, perfect workmanship and all the detail. Cloth dolls are my favoite. I have made some in simpler styles like old fashioned country rag dolls and amish dolls. I really had good times making them but then they were all given away as gifts. Always wanted some for myself, but never got around to it.

    Thank you so much for your tour on the 7th. Being able to see all the scenery and classic building and learning about them was great. Right now this is the only way I travel so you post was very much appreciated.

    Lastly, I envy you having found that pretty embroidered piece. A really neat find.

  16. Anonymous6:11 am

    To cute! Love how inspiring your blog is to me. Love all your wonderful post. The fabric you find. Love the pictures. Wish at times I could come over for a quick visit. For now I will just enjoy where I am at, Utah.

  17. Hallo Niki,
    your dolls are so pretty, and wonderfully made, they are adorable.
    Im a dollmaker myselves, trying to make a living of that in my shop here in Denmark.
    Hi Dorthe

  18. Anonymous1:22 am

    Your dollies are adorable ! :o)Sue

  19. Niki, Beautiful job on your dolls..I just love them, especially since the fabrics are vintage! Keep up the fantastic sewing.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  20. Anonymous6:11 am

    Un vrai coup de coeur pour les 2 sacs et cette superbe poupée de chiffons !!! J'adore !


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