Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Fix.

Well, I guess its inevitable; the nights will soon start to draw in and we will all be cosying-up in our living rooms in the evenings, during the coming autumn season.
One thing I always look forward to is lighting our open fire and having scented candles lit to fill the room with their cinnamon fragrance.
We used to pile our fresh logs on the tiled hearth, but as they dried in the warm room, they would often start to become unsteady and would regularly fall from their neat stack. So I decided to give an old apple crate a quick coat of pale pink paint, to use as a log store. It provides a handy spot to stand my candles too!

I have also been digging out my collection of old handmade quilts to add snugness to our sofas - I do hate to be cold!
They are all a bit tatty, just the way I like them, with many having received repairs and patches over the years.
Actually, I can't decide whether to recycle some of them completely......

I've placed two on the back cushions of the two seater sofa and am considering using them up to make covers.......
Do I go for white cushions?......

Or dramatic black?.........

I'm not going to rush into this project, as we have decorating to do this weekend. Our landing needs a repaint and can't be put off any longer......

Hope you are having a great week,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki! Love the way you arranged the logs. It looks great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oooh ! why choose when you can have some of each! have a great weekend decorating - I have noticed the indoor list of jobs is taking over from the garden list here too - always there is a list! LOVE the log box. t.x

  3. Love the apple cart idea. Great work.

  4. It all looks so cozy and inviting, Niki! I do love my old tatty-looking comforters! (And then I don't have to scold the kitties if they get a claw stuck in one!) =)

  5. Anonymous1:50 pm

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  6. Anonymous1:52 pm

    sorry, spelling mistakes there. I meant to say "funny, just yesterday I bought 3 of my fave candles with scents of cinnamon and nutmeg. They are actually called Carrot Cake but mostly they smell of Christmas( Did I really say that word?)! Its never too early for those smells is it? The quilts are so beautiful!

  7. Anonymous3:41 pm

    The couch looks cosy and the apple crate is so cute!

  8. This looks deliciously cosy. Love all your quilts. I like the black cushions, white ones can wait for Summer perhaps?

    Hen x

  9. Oh how cosy your home looks Niki! and I agree I like my quilts to show a bit of wear and tear,perfection is just not for me!

  10. There is just nothing more inviting that a crackling fire and the smell of cinnamon. Cooler weather is coming my way and I can't wait to build our first fire.

  11. Hi Niki

    Dramatic black for me!

    I'm so glad we have our new woodburner lying in wait for a really chilly evening!! Might have to borrow the apple box idea although I probably wouldn't paint mine!

    Sue x

  12. I had to drag my (very nice) lidl quilt out to wrap around me earlier, so I definetly agree with the need to dig your vintage ones out. We must be fairly close to each other - i am in Bristol.

  13. Ok so you almost have me in the mood for fall... I am a summer girl... so I fight the change the whole way.

    Genius Idea about the apple crate!! I love that

    xoxo Heather


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