Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful...

There I was, sat cocooned in my basement workroom, trying to focus on my work and to shrug-off some little upsets that have been playing on my mind recently, when...
The sun came out and streamed through my tiny window, bounced onto the collection of vintage brooches that I have pinned to my old mannequin's chest....

which sent hundreds of miniature rainbows scattering across the ceiling. Not a perfect photo, but it was quite magical to look up and see these temporary decorations.
Hope you are having a great week - with lots of lovely sunshine,
Niki x
(Hyacinths given to me by my daughter as a Christmas gift.)


  1. I haven't forced any bulbs this year but looking at your beautiful hyacinths makes me crave some. I'm off to the garden center to see what I can find. We are having clouds today though.

    Cross your fingers for lots of sunshine next week for the inauguration. MrPeachez is taking daughter No1 and some of her friends up to DC for the event. He is a brave man, because it is supposed to be chaos like nothing ever seen before! xo, suzy

  2. Hi Niki, I adore your blog and your makes, I too am looking forward to seeing you at the Vintage & Handmade Fair; I especially like all your handbags, you've got a great collection, byeee Karen

  3. Isn't it amazing how God knows just what we need on those down days, and somehow manages to take our minds off ourselves and our woes, and show us His love in beautiful ways! My 'playroom' window looks out over our back deck, and I have a bird feeder literally about 6 feet from where I sit now. Some days, the sight of that big old red bellied woodpecker on that feeder just makes me laugh, other days it's the tiny Carolina wren bouncing so joyfully around. What a gift you were given! Blessins, Becky G.

  4. I'm sewing away in the work room too(just a quick lunch break right now!) with more than a few worries on my mind also but your pictures, especially the hyacinths have cheered me a lot. Back to the machine again now!

  5. Hi Niki,
    We had a very little bit of sunshine around midday which was very welcome after days of gloom. It certainly cheered me up!
    Hen x

  6. Hello Niki! What a treat to be entertained with rainbows! =) We have sun here at the moment... but MORE snow is on the horizon. I LOVE your hyacinths! =)

  7. What a lovely way to see beauty.

    I have TONS of sunshine here in South Florida (and the skin cancer scars to prove it!). It's a cool day today (in the 60's). I was thinking about how much I enjoy cooler weather and wishing I could live up north where it is cooler and there is an actual springtime.

    Thank you for reminding me to bloom where I'm planted - right here in south Florida.

    Love your blog, Niki~

  8. I have some Hyacinths that are just starting to make an apperance. Yours are so pretty and cheerful.

  9. Your hyacinths are so pretty. I have to go out today, so may try to find some bulbs. You are quicker than I am - the sun reflected off a mirror on my dining table a few days ago, and I never thought to take a picture til it was gone.

  10. Just a little miracle that God sent you to cheer you up. Hope you're feeling less worried.
    Hugs, Susan

  11. Wouldn't it be cool if we could email each other little rays of sunshine just like that! Laptop to laptop! Could hubby invent that for us?
    Hang in there gorgeous and remember how special you are!

  12. How wonderful to have been in the workroom at just the right moment. Is that called serendipity?

    I'm glad you took photos of it. Thanks for sharing that beautiful moment with us.

    Deanna :)

  13. Oh wow...I bet it was so beautiful and enchanting! Thanks for sharing! ~Lori

  14. The sun can make an instant mood!


  15. Anonymous4:30 am

    Sometimes something happens like that and it's just a gift from God, a special blessing. How lovely that you were able to enjoy it.

  16. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Hi Niki
    I think the site, and everything on it, is scrummy... well done. I can appreciate all the hours of work gone into it.
    The sparkly rainbows on your workroom ceiling were (I think) 'Fairy Folk' come to applaud your creativity.
    Bye for now
    LOL Frances

  17. Anonymous8:01 pm

    je viens de France vous dire mon admiration pour votre blog tout est magnifique amicalement melissandre

  18. beautiful little dolls, I would love my daughter to have one to treasure


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