Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little Piece of Paradise.

Some of you may know that I ran a little shop situated on the side of my house a few years ago...

Whilst I have been sitting in my basement workroom this week I have been thinking about it a lot - I'm such a nostalgic person and am always wearing my rose-tinted spectacles! ;-))
But in many ways it was easier to run the physical shop that it is to run my on-line one.
When I didn't have any customers in the shop, I could beaver away at my sewing machine making lots of pretty items from vintage fabrics.

When each piece was complete, it was just a case of writing out a price tag, adding it to an attractive display somewhere in the shop and then waiting for a lovely customer to come through the door looking to buy.

I do miss the interaction with customers too. Whilst I am very grateful for all the emails that I receive now, it isn't quite the same as actually talking to someone and seeing the look on their face as they walked into my shop for the first time - it was rather full!! - But these lovely ladies rarely walked out empty handed!

This week the RSI in my wrist has been giving me some problems, so I have had to leave my handmade dolls to one side and work on some smaller items that require less stress, for the V&H fair. It will be lovely to actually talk face to face with like-minded ladies again there, as I said, this is something that I miss. I'm hoping that some of the old customers to my shop will be coming. Many of them don't have the internet, so are no longer able to shop with me on-line, so it will be great to catch-up.

Anyway, enough of my whingeing - the photos on this post are all from my archives from around 2004 (when I had my first digital camera - so I used to take lots!)

Please indulge my look back over some of them...they serve to remind me how many items I have made over the years, so I should perhaps expect my poor wrist to object sometimes!
The photos also remind me that I am settled; in that my look hasn't changed over the years and I am still enjoying making a wide assortment of treasures from the beautiful vintage floral fabrics.

The fact that over 5 years down the line, I would still like my bed to be dressed in this way, is testament to that.

And I can't beat fiddling with even the tiniest of fabric scraps to make feminine boudoir style pieces to beautify the dressing table. (I'll be making some of these cuties for the fair.)
So I hope you will enjoy my small selection of photos of the goods I used to make to be placed in my own little piece of paradise....
Lovely lace and cherubs...

Useful shoulder bags fashioned from the good sections from damaged quilts...

Small items of furniture were revamped...

Bold 1950's fabrics added a colourful statement to the mix.

Piles of patchwork cushions were always for sale.

Along with boudoir bags for the vintage-loving girls.

Peg bags to make the chores a little more enjoyable...
With the more mundane utilitarian items receiving a floral beauty make-over too!

Garden gift sets...
and vintage stock was constantly being sourced. Mountains of floral eiderdowns were laundered and dried, along with piles of linens and curtains.

sigh....I do miss you little shop...
Have a lovely weekend.
Niki x


  1. Thanks so much for posting those pics up Niki, it looks like it was a lovely treasure trove to look around. You had some beautiful things, and wow you must have made thousands of projects! I hope you enjoy the V&H fair and get some of that sparkle back of trading face to face :)

    Mel xxx

  2. Yaaaay! So happy to have found your blog - Talk about EYE CANDY! Wow, you definitely have a gift girlie! I'd love to add your blog to mine and PLEASE tell me where you sell on-line so I can do some SHOPPING! Warmly, Jen

  3. Oh I remember your beautiful little shop very well, and remember trying to decide which little rag dolly I wanted - and now about 10 or more later LOL I never have to walk far to find a treasure of yours in my home.

    Reading another blog about the pros and cons of mail order I can well understand - it is a big wide world out there and lovely to see so many like minded people, and a shame that you won't get to meet half of them. I am sure the fair will be a tonic for you and look forward to catching up with you there too. Best wishes always Ginny x

  4. I always enjoy sharing your pictures Niki. What fun that must have been having the little shop! xo, suzy

  5. I would have loved your shop - to have somewhere like that to pop into would be fantastic - the ladies didnt realise how lucky they were


  6. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Niki x,

    I have to tell what joy your blog brings me to read. I love all the photos. I am not sure I have even left a comment before. Just wanted let you know that I love the fabric, the way you put things together, how they have a romantic feel. The dolls are so cute. Just wanted to pass some goodness on.

    Have a great day!

  7. Niki, I am at an absolute loss for words! I think you've just assembled the photos for your 2010 calendar! =) I for one would certainly have not left your shop empty-handed! I hope your wrist is feeling proper again soon!

  8. Niki, your shop looks like it was a little slice of pretty heaven...thanks for sharing it with us...all of your pictures are just gorgeous!!!

  9. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Wow!! love it all, thanks for posting such fab pictures, wish I could get to the V & H fair, best wishes Sue

  10. What a teriffic place your shop must've been. Somewhere you go back to again and again. Thanks for posting the photos for those of us who couldn't get to the shop when it was open. You have the most amazing talent.

  11. Anonymous2:51 pm

    I can imagine what a joy it was to step into your little shop. One of those rare but magical shops that makes your whole week when you know you are going to make a visit! Please don't make too much loveliness for the fair.. my purse wont stand up to it!! Looking at those pictures.. I'm already saving the pennies in anticipation!

  12. OH MY! So many pretty things to see! I would be picking up vintage '50s tablecloths and linens...and of course a little dollie! Your store would be a favorite....I would be there every day!

  13. OH Niki!! Those photos make me swoon!! So much romantic rose-covered eye candy!!! Oh, I would have LOVED shopping in your beautiful shop!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!! Your shop was so dreamy!!!

  14. This post is amazing a true feast for the eyes, how very tempting it must be to go down the shop route again. Your blog is truely inspirational and the pictures are always a delight and a pleasure to visit.

  15. Niki, you sure do lovely work each picture had so many beautiful things in it, I don't think I would have left your shop empty handed, what eye candy, magazine quality. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Diane

  16. What a feast for the eyes Niki!

    I'm sure your stall at the V&H Fair will be swamped with customers!

  17. If I wasnt a teacher I would just love a little shop...selling wool and boos...fairtrade coffee and and crafts...dream dream dream.....your shop looks perfect

  18. Beautiful photos! I,too, am running a shop and selling online and I do enjoy working in my upstairs sewing room while waiting for customers. Retail has been a little slow with this economy so one has to do many things to keep on doing what one loves. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and have been introduced to so many more through your blog list. I was hoping you would be participating in OWOH, I would have been first in line! Thanks for your inspiring blog! Debra

  19. i love your blog ,,am going to poat about you on my blog today!! hugs Cathee..a lover of nostalgia!

  20. Hi Niki you are your own beautiful production unit, I am so looking forward to meeting you at the Fair, and seeing you surounded by your beautiful items.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  21. Oh I hope that wrist gets better again after a break (or rather a change of activity!). It must be so painful for you! I was so lucky to only have carpel tunnel which they can fix and to have both wrists operated was a wonderful thing - I just hadn't really acknowledged the level of pain in sewing until it was gone, so can really sympathise!
    I wish I had visited your shop -it looks like a bit of heaven on earth! I'm sure your stall will be one of the stars of the show! Like I keep saying! You're the original vintage! By which I mean your work is of course. Not to imply you're vintage, although of course you are older than me - haha! Have a great weekend sweetie! t.xx

  22. I wandered over to your place while blog hopping and checking out all the blogs that are participating in the One World One Heart Giveaway event which I am participating in. Someone else had you listed on their blog so I had to take a peek...whoa, Nellie! This is wonderful. What a lovely walk down "Nostalgia Lane"! I loved taking the little look with you. You have beautiful things. I can see why ladies enjoyed visiting your shoppe.

  23. I need a whole day just to look at everything in this ONE post!!! So much eye candy!!


  24. I wanna live there,i know its in the past but theres time travel and i wanna live there on that shelf with the eiderdowns and next to the patchwork cushions.Just gorgeous simply gorgeous no wonder you miss it.Thanks for my visit.

  25. Just love the photographs. I wish I knew your shop when you had it. I love 30's deco, we even listen to a 1932 radio! Hope your wrist gets better.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  26. Niki thank you so much for these photos. I have loved seeing glimpses of your shop in the past and have often hoped to see more so thank you. i wish I could still visit it I think I would stay for rather a long time, it looks like wonderland to me!!! Hope that wrist is getting better

  27. Niki, you perfectly know what I feel looking at your works and beautiful arrangements. You are the most talented woman I EVER met, and your little pieces of Art are pure joy for my heart! Thank you.
    Monica xxx.

  28. Oh, those pictures are pure heaven!
    I think you would've had a very hard time getting me to leave your lovely shop. LOL

    The patchwork of rose fabrics on the pillows and totes are beyond gorgeous!
    Like you, I don't think I'll ever tire of the beautiful vintage florals.

    Kimberly :)

  29. It's a good thing you don't have that shop anymore or I'd be a very poor woman and your shop empty! *g* What a beautiful piece of heaven you have there <3

  30. Such a sweet trip down memory lane of your lil' shop! Such sweet lovelies! Thanks for sharing them again.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  31. Your older photos were wonderful as are your current ones. You have such lovely things and combinations in your photos. I would never tire looking at your lovely treasures.
    Jean in Virginia

  32. Anonymous11:20 am

    I absolutely love your blog!! Your style is so are a big inspiration to many I guess..I will certainly be back to see more!..and your dolls..especialy the ones with the lace...Candy for the eyes!!

  33. So pretty..if I were you I would just stare at it all day! There is so much to look at!

  34. Well I miss it too and I've never been there! I'll bet there are some local girls who are missing their visits...
    Everything looks just yummy and happy and nostalgic :)
    Take care of that wrist!

  35. What a beautiful assortment of items you had in your store. Did you have someone you worked with? How did you keep up your enthusiasm?

  36. What a treat to be able to wander the shop with you! I want every single one of those items in my home! Thanks for opening your heart and sharing with us!

  37. It was a lovely tour of your 2004 shop, you do wonderful work. I know what you mean by having personal contact with your coustomers, I always say a sincere compliment is every bit as good as money. But it is the money that makes a business.TTFN

  38. So many pretty things - your work is beautiful.

  39. Anonymous4:43 am

    You certainly are surrounded in Paradise with all of these lovely creations. I would have loved to have had the chance to pop into your little looks so dreamy. Hopefully the show will allow you time to reconnect with customers!

  40. Your shop was gorgeous, and would have cost me SO much money!! Reading your post has made me realise just how much I am missing my little shop, it was always full to the seams just like yours and our spare room at this new house tesitfies to that, (I had to hold on to surplus stock for my new ventures).

    Your new look 'shop' is lovely too by the way.

    Sue xx

  41. Hi Niki! I could have easily emptied my pocket book in your darling store-I can see why you would miss it so much! ~Smiles~Tam!


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