Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bringing in the Harvest

So...after a beautiful sunny Sunday...

We are now faced with the prospect of Hurricane Bill heading our lovely!

The skies are already an ominous dark grey this morning...

I'm pleased that I harvested all of our plums at the weekend, or they could have risked being blown in all directions!
It's always a surprise to see how much beautiful fruit a small tree yields.
But what to do with lbs and lbs of the things? (Or am I supposed to say 'Kilos and Kilos of the things', to keep the powers-that-be happy?!!)
We made a plum crumble...but it didn't really make a dent...
So it was time for the annual jam making session again...8 jars of jam and still I have a basket full of fruit! We'll be eating these for weeks! (I'll be stoning and freezing the rest I think, before we all look like rosy plums.)

Yes, very satisfying to have some of them stored away for later use though - and all for free...well, except for the price of the Tate & Lyle!

My thoughts then turned to the hydrangeas on top of the cupboard...
They really need harvesting too, for drying...but I don't feel like venturing out today.

Although, looking back through my archives, I did this in October last perhaps I am a little ahead of myself yet.

Hope all is well in your part of the world and that you are happy...whatever the weather...
Happy day,
Niki x


  1. Hopefully "Bill" won't cause you any problems......You have such a pretty and inviting kitchen--especially with all those yummy plums in baskets! I love dried hydrangeas--most of ours bloom in the blue shade.

  2. Hi Nikki,
    Oooh, how I would love those plums! Pomona on "Little Cottage Comforts" posted the other day about a recipe for plum chutney in Delia's Complete Cookery Course book. Perhaps you could give that a try. I have the book (if you do not) and want the recipe.
    Hen xxx

  3. Your plums look lovely, the crumble divine and the jam will be delicious on a cold day! A remembrance of summer sunshine :)

  4. Yes, hopefully the hurricane won't be too problematic!Chutney does sound a good idea for the plums and what about whole plums in syrrup? Plum ice-cream? Plum frozen mixture for future crumbles...plum smoothie? Can you have plum cake?!

  5. our plum harvest is not as good as yours (in facts its pretty pathetic!) Re the Hydrangeas; I seem to recall the later the better. If you do them too soon they just wither & go all curly at the edges!
    Lizzie x

  6. Wow, Niki! We REALLY DO share the same weather! We had our "brush" with Bill this past Sunday.

  7. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Bill left us with a wet weekend. Hopefully he doesn't spend too much time with you.

    I just love to look at the things in your pretty.

  8. Hi Niki!
    Hopefully the hurricane won´t be too problematic. You have lovely kitchen.
    Plums in basket looking yummy.

    Greetings Matilda

  9. Mmmmmm.Homemade jam is so much nicer than the shop bought stuff,which always seems so sweet.Nice to take a jar when visiting friends too.Lovely with scones and cream.Happy days!

    Bellaboo x

  10. Oh my gosh, Niki! We harvested our plums two months ago!!!!!!;)) Now figs and pomegranates are ready on the tree...
    Hope Hurricane Bill blows away...

  11. Plum Vodka is good, get a large kilner jar (about 1 or 1.5 litre is good), fill 1 third full with plums, pricked all over to release their juice more easily, then add a good amount of sugar - about half the volume of the plums - and top up with good vodka (or gin if you prefer). Shake a few times over the next day or two until the sugar dissolves, then shake a couple of times a week. I should be perfect as a liqueur, or with mixers by Christmas! Hic! xx

  12. beautiful pictures Niki. love your kitchen. and all those lovely plums.. If I lived nearby.. I would have to be stopping in for a few! maybe you should make a plum pudding! (never made one myself.. but I know people make them!)
    have agreat evening!

  13. What a good thing you harvested the plums before that awful day yesterday. Wasn't it cold!

    Sue x

  14. Hello Niki

    It is so satisfying having your own harvest of fruit! We have a couple of apple trees and an Elderflower. I'd love to have a plum tree in the garden. My Belgian Grandmother & My Aunt Suzy used to make compote with plums and plum tart. Oh can can still remember the scent of the kitchen whilst they were maiking all that! Your post has brought back some lovely memories. Plum crumble... I feel really hungry now. I bet it tasted delicious!I have such a sweet tooth.:0)
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  15. Hi those plums look lovely, I love them just as they are...I could eat and eat them, and usually do and end up with tummy blogger was displaying her hydrangers inside in vases and they looked lovely, I have never thought of that leaving them for other to admire as they go by...perhaps you could do that before drying double the enjoyment

  16. Just found your blog. I will be back to savor all your posts and especially your photos. As a history major with concentration in European history, I have always been fascinated with English history and your country in general. I have not had the privilege of visiting but it is a dream! I look forward to visiting via your blog.

  17. That looks like very sticky business Niki.. but the results must be truly scrumptious. I wish I could make jam from the weeds in our garden.. alas we only have an apple tree.. Not long before blackberry time though.

    Autumn did arrive with the hurricane it seems..

    Michele xx
    Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Hi, I´ve just found you!!! how lovely is your blog... and your work is so enchanting, so wonderful. I´m happy to have found you and now I´ll go through your blog.
    I have lovely enamelware collected for years, perhaps you would like to have a look at my house in my blog... I´m in Chile, southamerica.
    I speak spanish so please excuse my english.
    María Cecilia
    ps. I´ll add you right now to my blogroll.

  19. Always lovely to see jars of homemade jam stashed in the cupboards. I shall miss the plums from my parents garden when they move in a few weeks. Unfortunately we were camping on a hillside in Dorset when the tale end of hurricane Bill struck! Unfortunately our tent did not come out of the encounter well. Luckily we were about to pack up and go home as it collapsed! Really love that picture of the little girl with her umbrella. Fiona

  20. What a wonderful doggie umbrella!! We ventured to the SM flea today and it was very wet and soggy all day.....yuk!

  21. love ur blog x such beauty and delight, such fabulous treasures!
    And looking at all those baskets of plums! oooooo jam yum yum!
    such beautiful post! always a joy to read x

  22. Hi. I just found your blog and loved it... I have 2 of the tins with the ladies on that you have pictured in your cabinet.... I had purchased them on ebay several years ago and love them... Do you know any history on them? I would love to add to my two...

  23. Beautiful pictures :)



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