Monday, August 17, 2009

Things...Like a Walk in the Park...

Hubby and I like to take a short walk around the village when we can...
Would you like to come too?

We walk out of our front gate, and down the hill until we reach the lane...

Its a slow climb up the lane, as we live in a valley...

Looking back over the farmland - our house is one of those on the very top of the hill.
Past the sheep in the meadows...
'How are ewe?'

The seasons are on the turn and it feels good to be out here amongst it...

Then back into the centre of the village, past the brook that runs through the bottom.

A quick climb up the side of the valley again, and home.

Whilst we're outside, perhaps you'd like to come around the back and see whats been going on in our garden?

Hubby has been laying slabs at the top, ready for a small storage shed to go up.

Then down the steps...

To see the random stepping stones (recycled from a friend who was getting rid), that I sunk into the lawn, so that we can access the summer house in all weathers.


I recently decided to dig up a berberis bush from my mixed border, as I was fed-up with getting prickled by it...I'm not sure what to replace it with, so for now I've stood an old wheel barrow in the gap, filled with a planted-up watering can and my collection of (mostly) Victorian clay pots.

A few of the pots are filled with handfuls of sunflower seed, to encourage the birds.

Other gaps (caused by my very naughty chickens) have been filled with my bargain, end-of-season foxgloves and lupins...

Each plant was just 50p from a local car boot sale - Love a bit of instant gardening now and then...

Just hope those hens of mine will give them a chance to settle in for an even better show next year.


It'll soon be time to make plum jam again...
OK...better get on again now...
But I'll just quickly show you this vintage toy wardrobe that I bought at a flea market a few weeks ago. It has lovely old thick gloss paint which is a keeper, but I wasn't keen on the fabric panels...
So I bravely cut into another of my antique Scheurer fabric pieces
;-)), to give it a Frenchy look...
I'm pleased with how the design sits within the panels - PVA glue to secure, and the job was complete.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Hello Niki,

    Your garden is delightful just the sort of look I love. The surrounding country side is beautiful and the feeling of autumn is definately in the air.

    The little wardrobe is a smasher the fabric you have added is perfect.

    Your holiday sounded perfect especially the habby shop I could spend my complete holiday in that one shop.


  2. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Beautiful village you live in and your garden is very very beautiful as well. I love the foxgloves and the cottage garden feeling! Your wardrobe is fantastic as well! I enjoy following your blog :)
    Feel free to visit mine as well. Enjoy your flowers!
    Blessings from the Netherlands,

  3. Hi Niki
    It was lovely to take that stroll around the village with you! Your garden looks splendid - I particularly like the pink rose.
    What a lovely sunny afternoon it is today - I hope you are able to enjoy a hint of summer breeze.
    Happy days to you
    Denise x

  4. You live in such a lovely place! Your garden is so pretty, too.

  5. Everything looks wonderful - how on earth have any flower pots survived for over 100 years, though? I can't seem to keep them in one piece for more than five...

  6. What a lovely walk, the little wardrobe looks fab.
    Twiggy x

  7. How spooky, I bought a little wardrobe just like that a few weeks ago in a junk shop, it's the same inside too! Mine has ugly marble effect fablon in the panels - and is still waiting for makeover...
    Your's looks lovely now!

  8. Thanks for the walk through your village, it was lovely, as is your backyard, nice flowers. I love what you did with the shelf, looks great.

  9. nice walk and lovely garden, the panels look great, much better!
    Josie x

  10. Lovely,lovely,lovely! Your garden and wardrobe!

  11. Niki ~ I LOVED this post! You live in a beautiful village. Your idea to take photos as you went was brilliant. What is it with the English and their amazingly gorgeous gardens?! Maybe I'll post some photos of my rather pathetic backyard. We've had near drought conditions this summer, so our garden was pitiable. I much rather look at the lush landscapes you've presented in your latest post. Thank you.
    Green with envy (but not in thumb)~

  12. what a beautiful area you live in. Love the little wardrobe ..looks
    very cute.

  13. Nikki I think you more than fulfilled your own promise of spending more time in the garden and making it more beautiful this year. It's amazing what your hubby and you have accomplished, it all looks so gorgeous, right after my own heart!! I'd love to have a stroll through your beautiful garden and village with you and then have tea in your new dreamy garden house.
    xoxo Carola

  14. Hello Niki!
    It's been lovely catching up with all your recent posts (get me to Dinan quick!!!). You are definitely right, the seasons are changing, you can feel it in the air can't you... I really enjoyed my walk with you and your hubby, thanks for letting me join you. Looking out of my garden window right now I see very very little colour compared to yours.

  15. Oh Niki I am drooling over your garden...mum is coming to help me as she regularly does because I just havent got the nack and I have lots of holes...yours is beautiful...sorry to say I am very very live in a lovely part of the world...have a super week sweetie love H

  16. What a gorgeous garden and a lovely village you live in! And i'm LOVING the little wardrobe, how cute!
    Laura x

  17. That doll's wardrobe is adorable! Love it.

    Your garden is so pretty and cottagey.

    Mel xxx

  18. Love the sheep!!:) and all the rest, of course!
    My book covers are ready and posted, if you would like to have a look! :)
    Monica xx.

  19. Thanks for the walk around your garden, it is truly beautiful and love the wardrobe - I had one like that when I was a child that my father made for me one Christmas brought back lots of memories

  20. thanks for the stroll Nikki! I especially loved the sheep..
    xoxo, Tiffany

  21. WOW Niki,
    What a beautiful walk. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love your garden and roses. I really love that sky blue door and window frame. You did a great job with the toy wardrobe. I love the new fabric you used.
    ♥ Rebecca

  22. How Lovely!!, love it, love it!!
    Best regards
    María Cecilia


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