Sunday, July 25, 2010

Empire Day 1938

Just a short post to give a little flavour of the last day of the filming of the 1930's on Shepton Mallet's Market Place yesterday. (Once again, I shall show more of my photos when the programme has aired on BBC1 in November.)
When I arrived in the morning, preparations were already underway for Empire Day.

I joined in and strung up some bunting around my shop's door!

Around 10am, lots of the local school children arrived in fancy dress. They were paraded around the Market Cross and filmed as part of the programme.
They were then rewarded with a light lunch, after singing 'God Save the King', of course!

Before and after!

Whilst all of this was going on, I had plenty of customers in and out too - Some were very much dressed the part!
This lovely couple were fascinating to talk to, as they have been advising the BBC on the fashions of the time.
Not wanting a plastic carrier bag to spoil the look of her 1930's ensemble, we improvised with some tissue paper and string to bundle up her purchases!

And here's gorgeous local girl Mandy (who I mentioned on Thursday's post, as she was featured on BBC's Points West News) - in her beautifully made 1930's style dress.

This wonderful sunflower arrived with my friend Jill, who just happened to be celebrating her Birthday yesterday.

And a lovely lady who told me she reads my blog, drove all the way up from Southampton...She handed me a box with this super 1950's coffee set inside, which she gave to me for my shop! I hope she doesn't mind me telling you - I am often overwhelmed by people's kindness; words so often are not enough.

I have now had my shop for 6 months and would just like to thank everyone who has sent me well wishes or who has come to visit my little emporium. I have no regrets of opening my shop in Shepton Mallet, as I have been made to feel so welcome there. I am convinced that the BBC making the quality programme on the Market Place will have a very positive effect on the town and the spin-off is sure to be good for its regeneration. The community spirit yesterday was fantastic, which surely will have rubbed-off on those who have doubted Shepton's recovery from its misfortunes...I do believe the town is turning a corner...

On leaving my shop on Saturday evening, I placed this old poster inside the front window. Its one I've had at home for a while, on my kitchen wall...The shops, and the families running them, are now heading to wartime in the 1940's. First the shops will receive another revamp, and then it will be time for the cameras to roll again...
Niki x


  1. How fun it sounds to have the BBC in town! Your village is so beautiful. Her in the New World, LOL, we have quaint towns but they are really just museums. How wonderful to actually live in one!

    Good luck with your shop. If I ever get to England, I willmake a point of visiting!


  2. I do hope you're right about Shepton, it really deserves to have a second life. The filming looks so exciting and I'm sure you've had plenty of lovely shoppers popping in too. See you we're on the school hols I'm hoping to come over again.x

  3. just love the coffee set

  4. Oh your shop looks so so pretty with the bunting :) Im really glad its going well, and loved following your journey for the last 6 months, how time flies by! Like the tissue and string parcel :) Here in Ireland we dont use plastic bags, as you have to buy them and most shops use paper bags. Almost everyone brings their own reusable shopping bags all the time, much more environmentally friendly plus you get to use a pretty shopping bag :)

    All things nice...

  5. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Aaah, Doulton's Rose Elegans, I inherited masses of it and adore it.
    The design has come into it's own again after decades in the wilderness. Nice to see it getting an airing :-)


  6. It must be so much fun watching the making of this series of programmes. I can't wait to watch them in the Autumn - it sounds just the thing, to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine to watch the telly!
    Niki, I love the colour of the woodwork on the exterior of your shop. What colour is it and who makes it, if you don't mind telling! It's just the colour I'd like for my front door.

  7. I hope your right about your town,it obviously has a great community spirit.

  8. I think you've enjoyed 'time-travelling' with the tv company Niki. Bet it's been an exciting challenge for you each day with your window's themes. I'm certainly enjoying it! x

  9. Hi Debs - Many thanks for your comment.
    I used an exterior eggshell for my shop doors made by Farrow and Ball, in 'Oval Room Blue'. You can order on-line very simply, by visiting their website - they are an excellent company to deal with. Hope that helps,

  10. Your posts are always great but am loving hearing all about the TV filming. How much longer has it got to go? will try and come up to see. Hope it's generated lots of extra trade for you!

  11. what a wonderful day. I could have hung around her from morning through the night. What fun everyone had. Sea Witch

  12. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Glad to hear your business is going so well, it really does look so pretty from the photos! I love the coffee set, oh and the beautiful red armchair from your previous post too. Just gorgeous! Helen

  13. OH Niki how exciting! The 1930's was such an innocent time just before the war. I hope one day we'll be able to see this program they're filming's right up my alley! Seeing your shop makes me wish I still had mine...I LOVED meeting the people and learning where they were from. It was great fun. Enjoy your day....Maura :)

  14. What is this series? It sounds so fun and interesting. I wonder if they'll show it on BBC America?

    Your shop looks incredible!


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