Saturday, July 24, 2010

Short Trousers and Smiles...

Two of the young boys from the 1930's receive advice from a local as to how to fit in, in modern Shepton Mallet...'Say Gert Lush to anything that's good', they're told....

Meaning: The highest form of praise that can be given to anything by a Bristolian.
Today is the last day of filming the 1930's era, before wartime I must be off to string up bunting around my shop, as it promises to be a celebratory day.
Have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned,
Niki x


  1. It must be fascinating to see all this happening from your shop window.
    The main actors will usually buy gifts for each other at the end of filming, so stock up on appropriate goodies (but I think you've got that pretty well covered already!) xx

  2. Hark at Eee, where you to Lover?!!!
    I miss Bristol :o(
    Hee hee. X

  3. Hi
    It all looks so interesting, I remember when they filmed in Bath and it was fascinating to watch them transfer the place back to Jane Austin times (although in Bath it wasn't so difficult!) Hope you get the bunting out in time. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Thank you so much for telling us all about this series, Niki. It looks like there will be some great programmes, can't wait to watch them!

  5. Hi Niki, just a quick stop by to let you know that we have finally received the June issue of the BBC Homes & Antiques mag that features your wonderful home. The photos are just lovely. I buy the English mags religiously but we are a few months behind in AUS, cheers for now, Tamara


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