Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Fun of Retail!

Today was a fun day...
Two lovely ladies came all the way from the bright lights of London, to pay a visit to little old Shepton and my shop...
I'd not met Claudette and Noreen before, although I hope they don't mind me telling you, that they had been regular visitors to my on-line shop back in the day when I was a lot more organised with items to buy in the catalogue(!), so we have emailed each other in the past.

Not only did they arrive with this gorgeous bouquet of roses and lilies - thank you again Ladies! - But they also had in tow a suitcase each...At first wondered if they had decided to stay the night...but I was quickly informed that these were for taking their purchases back with them on the train!

It was such fun and easy to chat to this jolly pair, that it was like meeting up with old friends...I'm sure if you've ever met a Blogger for the first time, or someone who regularly reads your blog, then you will know exactly what I mean...We share a piece of ourselves on the www, and somehow it breaks the ice.

Here is Noreen below coveting one of Maggie's hand embroidered cushions!

I'm not entirely sure what they made of the slower pace of life in Somerset, compared to the bustle of the capital; somehow it seemed the wrong way around to me for getting a retail fix, but these two fab ladies seem to think it was worth the trip...At least there were other things going on in the town today too...
The BBC filming on the Market Place has started again - Its now the late 1950's/early 60's - I believe that tomorrow it will fast forward to the 1960's proper.


The butchers has now become a general store...


The dressmaker is now a hairdresser with her own salon...

Sergison's is hanging on to its grocer identity...

With perhaps the pièce de résistance being the very cool Milk Bar which was once the bakery and tea shop.
Happy Days!
Niki x


  1. Ohhh, this looks so exciting, I love the 60's, can't wait to see the actual programme, you are showing some lovely photo's. Those ladies look like they were having fun in your shop, it's always nice to meet the regulars.

  2. How fun that they came to see you! And brought flowers! And suitcases! LOL The best kind of customer. ;-) The shop looks great. Are you still enjoying it?

  3. The green storefront on, "Caroline's Milk Bar" caught my eye, especially with the striped awning. I wonder if these colors were authentic for the time period? A cold and frothy chocolate malted milkshake or a root beer ice cream soda in the summer would be nice. Then a walk around town to burn up some of the calories!

    Thanks for the post and photos, it's got to feel good to have visitors who make a special trip to your shop. Maybe someday I will, but for now I am too many miles away.

  4. It looks wonderful...Pete is after a scooter like that...I would love the blue must be exciting watching all the transformations


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