Monday, August 23, 2010

Sensational 70's

Just thought I'd show a few photos that I managed to take on Saturday of the filming for the 1970's episode of the BBC programme. It can be difficult for me sometimes to capture what is going on, as I obviously have my shop to run, so I do end up with a lot of back-views that I snap quickly in between customers!
The line-up below shows the opening sequence of the next programme, when the families arrive back to see the transformations to their shops. The Market Place was closed at this point, so access to my shop was very limited.
There are two new families/shop owners this time, as the previous shops have received radical overhauls.
Have to say that I am not totally convinced about some of the choices of clothes for some of the cast members. Being the 1970's, I would have gone the whole hog with tasteless psychedelic shirts, lots of mauves, pinks and oranges and huge shirt collars!

Master Sergison looks very cool in his flares and leather bomber jacket, but Mr. Sergison is a bit too conservative, (if you were to ask me! ;-)) - Mrs. Sergison looks great, but Miss Sergison's outfit seems rather ordinary - she could have been dressed in corduroy dungarees and some small platform shoes (I think polo necks were around a lot then, too) - I was about her age in the 70's and was always in mauve, or brown and orange clothes.
I think young Master Sandher (below) looks fabulous though!

The dressmaker has now become a boutique owner. They have used a new shop in Town Street, just a couple of doors down from mine...It's hard to take any photos of the interior as the glass is smoked...Very Biba in style.

So for the next week, I am in direct competition with this arranged my own 70's merchandise in my side window opposite! ;-))
I'd just like to mention a 1970's dress that was for sale in my shop, but which found a new home recently, here.
My front window is a little more sophisticated, with a vintage wedding display. This worked well for me a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd repeat a similar scheme.


I have a busy week this week, as I shall be open on Wednesday as an extra day to my usual opening hours. This is because the final day of the filming on the Wednesday, will have a 'Silver Jubilee' street party theme. The local Shepton community is invited and so it should be a lot of fun. Below are the details that I have been given, for anyone wishing to attend.

(Advance Notice: I shall be closed from 31st August - 6th September inclusive – Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.)
As I shall have a full week this week, I thought I should try and catch up with a few jobs at home yesterday. I harvested our plums and will try to get these preserved for the winter.
A few cooking apples were made into a delicious crumble last night...

Logs were cut and stacked...

And kindling was made from our prunings after another tiring day in our garden.
All for free! - Very satisfying!

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Ooh Niki, I love your brand new cupboard!!

  2. Logs and kindling - amazing that we'll be needing them soon! Where's this year gone?!!!

    Popped in to Shepton this afternoon to collect the rest of my bits and pieces used in the filming. Shame they couldn't have made a bit more of the 70s clothing but heyho - I'm sure it'll look good once it's on the screen.

    Have a lovely few days off. I'm doing the same - might even manage 5 nights away, although it's more likely to be 4 which is still an amazing achievement!!

    Dresser shelves look super.


  3. I also wore a lot of brown as a I remember but a favourite 3 piece flared trouser suit springs to mind as well.


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