Monday, April 11, 2011


As mentioned a few times previous to this post(!), yesterday was the 2nd Annual Vintage Textile and Costume Day at Dairy House, organised by Sue. As you can see from the photos below, Sue organised a very beautiful forget-me-not blue sky for us all day!
This is the front of the old Dairy building that houses a wide selection of vintage and antique goods on three floors. Sue has recently completed a huge move around and now has the main entrance on the right, through the double doors.
The veranda at the front creates the ideal place to hold an event such as the textile day - Doesn't it look pretty with the bunting and inviting stalls underneath? Cars can be driven very close to the entrance, which makes unloading and setting up a lot less work than at some events. Great for the customers too, if they take away lots of shopping bags! ;-))
I snapped a few photos just as we opened for business at 10am. The sun was very bright (not complaining!) which made it difficult to capture a true likeness of the lovely stalls.
My stall had a variety of goods, from my hand made dolls to genuine antique items of costume, haberdashery and accessories.
Behind my stand was Helen's ('Every Small Stitch'), with a pretty collection of vintage fashion accessories, homewares and hand crafted pieces.

Chloe's beautiful selection of French linens and eiderdowns bleached almost white in this sunny spot.
Tracey's space at the back of the veranda was stocked full to bursting with tempting goodies.
Donna and her Mum were kept busy all day on their stall, which had a beautiful selection of vintage fabrics and haberdashery.
And I had to secretly take a photo of this dapper chap, looking quite the part for a spot of vintage shopping.
Thanks to all who came to say hello and who made a purchase from my stall.
Thanks also to Sue for organising this lovely event. (Below is a photo of a small section of Sue's area within the Dairy House Antiques Centre.)
I was very restrained when it came to buying yesterday. This little box, less than a couple of inches across, was an easy impulse buy...
And this naughty-but-nice purchase was my extravagance, justified by the fact that I doubt I shall ever see another like it...A forget-me-not flapper era cloche hat band - It came from Lizzie.

And now for the real thing...
The glorious weather has sent our front garden into overdrive...
What was almost bare earth just a few short weeks ago, now looks like this. (Carefully cropped to avoid you seeing the host of dandelion plants also in full flower! ;-))
Today I've spent most of my time up a ladder, painting one of our bedrooms. I'm determined to get the redecorating done as soon as I can, so will be working every spare moment (when not at the shop), till I can swipe it from my to-do list. I may be a little scarce for a few days...
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    What a lovely post - thank you for the super photos and the beautifully worded 'forget-me-not sky'!! Such a change in the weather today!

    The cloche hat band from Lizzie took me back to my childhood when I had a blue 'duster' coat on which was a wonderful bouquet of forget-me-nots identical to those in your photo. I kept them for many years but sadly they got lost in one of the many house moves over the last 50+ years!! It's a good thing you saw your purchase before I did!!!!

    Thanks for being there yesterday!

    Sue xx

  2. Fantastic piccies of a beautiful day. So pleased the hat-band has gone to a happy home (it did have your name on it!) Have a good week.. and not tooo tiring. XX

  3. PS i also took some pix of Lucky Uncle george in his finery. we had such fun with him & his friends. They are lovely people. xx

  4. We live in CA now, but we were originally from Wisconsin. The dandelions in our yard we call Wisconsin Orchids (a joke on how densely they grow there). I like the bright yellow in the grass. They are the first flowers my kids would pick for me... I remember bringing some to school for my teacher!

  5. Beautiful photos, what a great hat band. I love forget-me-nots too and they have just erupted in our front garden (along with the compulsory dandelions!)
    Carol xx

  6. Hi Niky
    I thank you for these wonderful pictures! Your desk was the most beautiful and I was there with my heart!
    ... and eyes! ;o))
    This fair is very beautiful and I hope to see you again!
    I wish you good work and success!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  7. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the Dairy House Fair and how lovely to see ladies out in their finery on Sunday. It all looks beautiful as does your simple bouquet of flowers in a jar. If you would like to post the dandelions to me.. I have a tortoise that would be most grateful for them!

    Michele x

  8. your stall looked divine on Sunday!
    I love the little box

  9. How on earth have you got the time to paint a bedroom when you're so busy with the shop and creativity? Do you have a secret potion you take each morning? :)

    Thanks for the pics. Glad you had a lovely day. xx

  10. everything looks fabulous , Sounds like you have a really busy week.

  11. Hi Niki
    Forget-me-nots are literally the flavour of the moment, as my little terrier keeps eating them?!
    Thanks for the lovely comment.
    T x

  12. Good morning,
    Would you be so kind to follow me again,by mistake i deleted all my followers.
    Hope to hear from you.


  13. I'm sorry to say I haven't been visiting many blogs lately so I was so happy to see that your shop is doing well!! I love the pics of the market and your lovely flowers!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!! : )

    ~ Wendy


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