Friday, April 01, 2011

If Anyone Wants Me, I'll be in My Pit!

Every spare minute that I've had recently has been taken up with tidying my workroom...which I started last week. Its taken a while, but its clearer than it was. I have a few crates and boxes stored under the stairs, full of bits and pieces that I have been putting away for fairs so that I don't have to empty the shop of stock, but apart from those looking a little untidy, its a lot better...
For those who have only found my blog recently, my workspace was created from the cellar under our house. (Shown first here and then here.) Hence the title of my post...I have to descend a small flight of stairs into the room, so it has commonly become known in our house as 'Mum's Pit'! It was a lot of work to create it from the very rough and ready space that it was previously, but has proved to be a good decision. In fact, I have changed very little in the room since I moved in almost three years ago! Supplies have been added to, but many of the fabrics have been used and turned into items that I've sold.
The lamp that sits on my computer desk had been illuminating a huge pile of papers...I usually have a list of emails that I owe to people, which I never quite seem to reach the end of, but for now, at least, I can see the table cloth again! I see time sat at my PC as a huge drain and I'm always promising myself to spend less time sat here...but its not easy, is it?!
The old wooden rack on one wall stores some of my lace and ribbons - The ones I've been lucky enough to buy whole cards of...
The velvet ribbons are my favourites and are parted with only sparingly ;-))
Vintage French fabric covered boxes are used throughout my workroom to keep small supplies safe.
The old washstand (just seen below) hasn't proved so practical, and may shortly be going to live in our soon-to-be spare bedroom. A larger shelved cupboard will replace it.
Drawers keep special finds filed away...
Lengths of ribbon roses...
Stitched motifs...
and samples of rare woven ribbons (that I found on a buying trip here.)
The little grey painted drawers, sat amongst my fabrics are extremely useful...
The bottom drawer is full of buttons - I usually make my selection from here when looking for the right button to fasten a handmade bag.
Other drawers hold my tiny buttons, beads and millinery leaves and stamens - All perfect for fairy dolls.
The box frames showcase velvet flowers and doll faces waiting to be turned into hat stands. (Some of my past makes can be seen here and here.)
I covered the mini set of drawers in vintage wallpaper...
I use them to store postcards and pretty pictures.
The glazed cupboard above them has some of my French ticking fabric pieces inside.
The large set of aqua painted drawers are mostly full of lace, and a few trims.
The violet drawers have a varied assortment of supplies...
including embroidery silks.
Hanging beside my small window is this vintage fabric pocket wall tidy.
Here's Vera mouse - I first discovered this little character back in the early 80's, I think. I've always loved this busy little image of her making a patchwork quilt - Cute!
Sewing threads at the ready...
And other sewing equipment in here. With the lamp base that I created a few years ago from a boudoir doll's head!
Hope you enjoyed the short tour of my workroom. I will be trying to keep it tidy from now on! Have a great weekend,
Niki x


  1. Wow Niki
    What a treasure trove!
    T x

  2. I just love this blog it is very, very interesting

  3. Thanks for the tour and showing us "The Pit" where the creative flair sets to work.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. What a beautiful work room and full of wonderful treasures. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  5. Such a pretty workroom Niki!
    Susan x

  6. Hello there Niki thank you so much for your comment and I am sorry that I missed your response. Sophie Honeysuckle ahd a lovely blog but then it went to an invited readers only and I thought you might know it. Have just come back from the jumble sale we help at every year but there was nothing at all to bring back apart from a few well used school reader books - I was so disappointed. I want so much to get to Dorset perhaps this will be the year?? I love your pit I think I must add some pics of my drawers of goodies. We took Mum out last night as she wanted to mark the day that would have been their Diamond wedding. We all had a good cry and remembered all the good things we have to remember Dad by.

  7. Wow Nicki, I would never leave.

    Just had to mention the the BBC High Street is showing here at the moment, it is really good :)

    Just realised that I missed your last post, off to read it now, bye Tam x

  8. Dear Niki, what a feast for the eyes! So much to take in and absorb ~ and admire! I had to scroll through this lovely post three times, discovering little treasures I'd missed the first few times! I particularly loved the text on the wall - what a great reminder. What an absolutely gorgeous workroom! Thank you for sharing it with us, Love Brenda

  9. I'd love to raid your work room! LOL!
    It's very tidy compared to mine....I am going to re-organise it tomorrow if it rains, if it's dry outside, I have work to do in the garden, life goes on!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sandie xx

  10. What a wonderful pit you have Mine is such a mess as I have not enough storage and am sharing a shed with The captain and the freaks.

  11. Thanks so much for the tour - I got so many ideas for my lonesome craft room (not in a pit but does double duty as the laundry room) - love how you've got things organized (for now LOL).

  12. Well if I ever fall into a pit.. I hope it is like this one! It all sits so beautifully together and is a work of art in itself!
    Thank you for your very kind wishes Niki for the fair next weekend. It will seem very strange not having you there this time. Hope all goes well for you and the ladies at The Dairy House on Sunday.
    Michele xx

  13. What a wonderful Aladdins' Cave of beautiful 'stuff'. And the luxury of having a room devoted solely to it. Lucky girl!
    Thanks for sharing; inspiring me to have a good sort out!!
    Z xx

  14. You are a girl after my own heart.......those fabrics and ribbons......sigh ! Just beautiful. I am a 'cut and stuff' type. Guilty as charged I'm afraid. My craft cupboard is a shambles ! lol
    I have only just discovered your blog and am now following you. Pop into mine and share a moment with me! FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK

  15. What an absolute treasure trove of fantastic items - they are all so beautiful & I know what you mean about lace on cards - so beautiful/ I made some additional pretty lace cards for some of mine …


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