Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Avalon Textile & Decorative Fair

Just a little reminder, if that's OK?

I'm really excited to be included in the line-up for this 'Talent for Textiles' event, organised by Elizabeth Baer. More details can be found on Elizabeth's latest blog post here.
As promised, here are some of the items that will be seen on my stand.

I made-over this damaged mannequin torso with antique lace and trims.
She's all ready for the off in her lace collar and sash.
I covered another hat box in antique sheet music, which will accompany the other that I made here.

Two pairs of shoe stretches have also been given the antique look.

I've rustled-up another of my large rag dolls in the last couple of days. (If she doesn't sell, then I am quite happy to keep this one as she's very 'me'.)
The old chenille jacket makes her quite unique to some of my other gals.

There are some new medium dolls too.

All dressed in vintage/antique fabrics and trims.
A small French bed (with quilted mattress, French linen pillow and knitted coverlet)...
Is just the right size for them.
I've also made a decorated mirror with china flower garland.
As I was finishing off one of these projects, I had a little accident with my scissors! :(
I snipped a large chunk of the skin on my index finger's knuckle. (Messy!) ...Hubby to the rescue with his first aid skills (or is that DIY skills? - He used a plaster and then 'Duck Tape'!)
Keeping my fingers straight all afternoon has proved difficult, particularly when trying to tie bows on my dolls (and my typing right now is rather slow) - so this doll had to be my last make of the day...(I had hoped to make another angel doll today, but had to draw a line - I have just one to offer for sale.)
Amelia is dressed in a Victorian cotton skirt and a mohair sweater.
If truth be known, I have been feeling a little nervous about Friday's fair. Unlike many of the other stall holders, I don't have the opportunity to make regular trips back and forth to France, or Europe, to search for beautiful pieces to sell-on. I just hope that my wares will be good enough. To try to put these fears to rest, I decided to have a part mock-up of my stall today..
So, on the kitchen table I arranged the items that I had been squirreling away at home. The gaps will be filled with items from my shop, which I shall collect tomorrow.

I've tried to go with a look of two halves; Creams and faded fabrics on the 'antique' half...
And slightly fresher and more colourful pieces on the 'vintage' side.
Hopefully I've done enough...and I am feeling more positive after this trial run, which I don't normally have the time to do before a major fair.
Although I shall be at the fair all day on Friday, my shop will be open as usual. Hubby has offered to hold the fort for me. There are a few new items to see...I shall be taking a large tin trunk there in the morning. I've already added this small painted cupboard with compartments - Ideal for magazines, or for use in a workroom.
Some of the vintage magazines are new stock too.
And I was also able to buy this unusual little table on Tuesday. It has glass ball feet! - Something I have never seen before. It should be at the shop on Friday, after I've given it a good polish.

Thanks for stopping-by. If you can make it to the Glastonbury event on Friday, then it will be lovely to see you and I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. Entrance is free and includes access to the museum and cafe - why not combine it with a walk up the Tor too?
Just time for a quick giggle?...Well it made me smile anyway, particularly when you consider who the two Disney characters are in the last picture(!)
...If its not too late to mention the Royal Wedding?...Auntie Bliss obviously shares my sometimes wicked sense of humour...See what I mean here.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Good luck with the fair! I liked the Auntie Bliss link! Did no-one think of Disney's Cinderella before they let them choose those ghastly outfits!

  2. Hi Niki
    I could quite happily buy everything in the photos ~ so have no fear, you are sure to do really well! It all looks utterly gorgeous. I wish I could visit on Friday but am having a stall at a little local charity event and I wouldn't be back in time ~ but have a lovely day, look forward to hearing all about it!
    Ali x

  3. Honestly Niki!
    You don't need to go to France for stock, yours is just the best stock!
    I'm only sorry I won't be able to attend the fair on Friday as, my Sis is taking me to the Malvern Quilt show.
    Have a great day though!

    Sandie xx

  4. Your stock and creations are just beautiful Niki ~ I agree with Sandie, no need to go to France ~ have no fear, I'm sure none of it will last long! Just beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful day there! Love Brenda

  5. I would love to go visit you and buy lots:) Good luck. You will do very well as everything you have is very lovely. I think you love what you do and it shows.

  6. Hi Niki.
    I'm sure you'll have a Friday
    great success!
    Your stand is always the most beautiful and richest ideas and beautiful creations!
    With my heart I'll be there with you
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  7. Your stall looks amazing as ever Niki and I look forward to seeing you bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!!!

  8. At least with those Duck Taped fingers Niki you won't have a problem directing folk to the fair!

    Hope you're having a fabby fair - you certainly deserve to with all your hard work.



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