Thursday, May 26, 2011

Curtain Call

Well, those curtains I mentioned weren't going to make themselves, were they(?), so I knuckled down yesterday afternoon to get them done...
The spare single bedroom is half-way through being reworked, but as we need the room for a guest next week, I had to get on with making it usable just for now.
I bought a wonderful unused bolt of old Sanderson fabric back in 2007. I loved it at the time and knew I would one day find a use for it. It was such a fantastic discovery, to have so much unused vintage fabric of a good usable quantity to create something with. (It came from a Talent for Textiles Fair at Claverton Manor, which will be the fair I shall be attending in September.)
The colours are gloriously vibrant, as if they were printed yesterday...not some 70+ years ago! You may remember that I have a soft spot for these old Sanderson cottons, as seen when I did a bit of 'grannyfying' back in 2009!
The only problem with these old fabrics is that the looms that they were produced on, were very narrow, when compared with today's. This fabric was just 30" (approx 75cm) wide. To give my curtains some fullness, I was going to have to make each curtain at least two widths...and I wasn't sure if I had enough...particularly when I discovered half way through the bolt that the fabric was cut across its width! I also had to allow for matching up the pattern at the seams...But as you can see, I just about had enough and was able to get four lengths out of it. (I have enough to make a cushion too, which will be perfect for the little bed.)
So, quite a few straight lines of stitching later, and the addition of a narrow heading tape, the curtains were made. No lining - I just kept things simple.
I've hung them this evening on the existing curtain pole, ready to receive our guest.
The iron bed is the one I used for display in my shop, when I first opened.
I'll show more of this room when its complete, but finishing-off will have to wait. At least our guests can enjoy the space for now...
The light in this room is lovely in the mornings, as it faces the sunrise...So there's definitely a need for curtains!
Phew, job done!
Niki x


  1. My family owned a wholesale/retail fabric business. We sold bolts and bolts of Sanderson because part of the deal was that my mum would cut and match the repeat in the drapery panels for the customers. What I'd give to have some of scraps of that fabric now...or even the old sample books....sigh:)

  2. Oh! I'm very jealous of that beautiful fabric. The curtains look fab - particularly with the light shining through them.

  3. The fabric is fab! love the curtains. Thanx for sharing. Tiff

  4. Hi Niki.
    This Sanderson fabric is very nice!
    Its colors are perfect for the guest room.
    They will be happy to sleep in such a beautiful bedroom! Lucky ;o))
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  5. The curtains look stunning Niki. What a perfect spare room. Have a lovely weekend. liz x

  6. I love how they glow with the sunlight coming through them.

  7. Very pretty material.Great satisfaction to of had enough to make those curtains.The view from your window looks lovely . ciao Alison

  8. I'm just in love with this fabric! So lovely!!! The curtains turned out beautiful, and I'm so glad you shared the pictures of the pattern with us. Glorious colors!! I could eat them up!
    Blessings, Doni


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