Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lighting My Way

A while ago I had a lovely email from Krissie. She asked if I would add a post to my blog about the wall lights in our kitchen. Its taken me a while, but I'm finally here with a few pictures....
Krissie had spotted the two cherub wall lights beside the mirror which hangs above the main counter in our kitchen diner.
I bought them about 5 or 6 years ago and was told by their previous owner that they dated from the Edwardian era.
They needed total rewiring, as they would have been unsafe to use as they were.
The problem was getting the new wires down the arms of the cherubs. They would only take thin wires and in the past the arms had been broken - As can be seen on the boy cherub below. The cracks were quite serious and so we had just one chance to feed a new set of wires through, by tying them to the old ones and pulling them out through the bulb holders at the top.
Taking care, we made it and have been very pleased with them. I'm always worried about dusting them now though (not good in a kitchen!), but hopefully they will survive for a few more years.
They seem to be made of a gesso or plaster type material, but it could be a coating over carved wood. They are heavy too. I've always loved how they look with the design of the wallpaper in our kitchen.

Its nice to be able to isolate the lighting in this area of the kitchen, with this being the main work station.
There is another old cherub light above the sink...
Which I added a hand painted glass shade to. The ceilings are quite high in our kitchen, so this one flies through the air on quite a long flex. :)
Hope that is what you wanted to see Krissie! And hope it was of interest to others visiting my blog.
Have a lovely evening,
Niki x


  1. These are beautiful images, the cherubs are so unique - I've never come across light fixtures quite like these :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Love the cherubs. Heavenly! (sorry)

  3. Beautiful cherubs, beautiful kitchen!

  4. Oh how sweet! I hope they last a LONG time...I'm sure they will. Thanks for sharing them with us. I LOVE your home pics! And shop pics, and granddaughter pics (hint hint!!) :)
    Blessings, Doni

  5. Your little flying cherub is divine! and the others are gorgeous too.

  6. They look beautiful as does your kitchen. Lesley

  7. Niki, love, . . . no, make that LOVE your kitchen! I think your little cherub lamps are just lovely! Creates a wonderfully, warm and cozy little spot in your kitchen.

  8. Lovely posting. I will echo the above comments - unususal and pretty! I also like the lamp at the end of your posting!

  9. I LOVE those two cherub wall lights....very unique pieces.

  10. pretty and amazing. Helen x

  11. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Wonderful post and wonderful pictures! thank you so much for the close ups,i love them even more than before now,they really are beautiful,i would love to see where they first lived and the shade on the flying cherub is beautiful,

  12. Love your pretty kitchen and cherubs are lovely.Love Jill xx

  13. The faces on the cherubs are adorable and the off white is the perfect color to work with your walls. I Love this kitchen overall too, it doesn't feel like a kitchen and that's a good thing!

  14. Hi Nikki,

    Your kitchen looks beautiful and the cherub lights are gorgeous! Do you mind sharing where you got your wall paper from it looks lovely and I am in the process of trying to find a pale gray/cream wall paper for our bedroom?


  15. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for your comment and interest in the wallpaper in our kitchen. We bought the paper in a Laura Ashley sale...It was in 2007 though, (ref: ) so I am not sure if paper like this is still available from them.
    Good luck with your search,


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