Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Few More Treasures...

Latest treasures at the shop...
I was lucky to be able to buy several unused lengths of vintage fabrics from a lady who visited my shop last week...
There were two pieces of this Daisyfield design by Fothergays.

Several metres of this fabulous classic Noddy fabric...
printed in 1964 by Fothergays again.

And several metres of this stunning 1950's rose furnishing fabric still on the bolt.
I shall be using some for cushions etc for the shop...
But some of it may find its way to the V&H Textile Fair next month (if I can bare to part with it!)

I was also able to buy two super-duper hats from the same lady.
The Mitzi Lorenz hat sold the same day...
But there's also this collectable 1960's Christian Dior flower-pot style hat too!

The rest of the new stock had to be hunted out in the more usual manner...
I found:
This old table tennis set (which I bought mainly because of the lovely box).

A couple of cigarette card albums (each contains a complete set).

This neat little ink well.
Vintage ballet points.

A Make do and Mend pamphlet...
with useful tips!

A mirror that I gave a coat of cream paint to on Sunday.
(Lace curtain sold today - thank you!)

A Victorian oil painting on glass.

And some French kitchen canisters.

I've been wrapping more of the sweetly scented French soaps..
Some in floral wallpapers and others in sheet music - Both tied with vintage seam binding and with a tiny violet embellishment.

That's all I have time for this evening...
Thank you for stopping-by and for leaving your wonderful comments.
Niki x


  1. The Dior hat is wonderful!


  2. Everything looks so delightful! I LOVE the Noddy fabric! We used to be able to watch Noddy on tv over here when my two oldest boys were toddlers. What caught my eye most is the fabric with the daisies and black sketching... I am teaching three pen & ink classes at my daughter's school next week and your daisies fabric has given me more inspiration! ;)

  3. Hello Niki
    The rose furniture fabric is just the design I have been looking for to make a dress. But I think this fabric may be to thick for a dress in Australia.
    Your Friend
    Elizabeth x

  4. Dear Niki,
    Marvellous finds! I like the Noddy fabric - so nostalgic of my youth! That inkwell is wonderful too!

  5. Oh Niki - I am both blessed and cursed that I live across the pond! Blessed because I would buy nearly everything in your store; and cursed because I would buy everything in your store!!!!

  6. Beautiful fabric...that Noddy fabric is so cute...the roses...oh my:)

  7. Some really lovely finds but the Noddy fabric is just brilliant.
    Carol xx

  8. love love LOVE the Dior hat- never mind collectable, looks very wearable to me!

  9. ILOVE the daisy fabric, if you have any left by the time of the Vintage Bazaar please save some for me!
    And I agree with Miss Bunny, the hat is so wearable!
    T x

  10. Thanks for your comments ladies...
    Maybe the Dior hat has to be seen to be believed. It is very small and only perches on the top of my head rather like a fez - making me appear around 8" taller! ;-)) Hysterical, I can tell you!
    Niki x


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