Thursday, January 12, 2012

Second Chances

I'll start this post by showing you one of the latest items I've come up with for my shop. I had the rusty tin pots and a delivery of fragrant French soaps that I'd ordered, to work with...

I wrapped the soaps in vintage sheet music, held in place with lace/ribbon and millinery flowers. I trimmed the pots to match each one and put them together as pretty little gift sets.

Lots more to do, but the scent of the soaps is lovely in my workroom for now! ;-))


It can be difficult to know sometimes, when buying stock for the shop, whether to commit to an item or not...after all, if I don't sell anything, then I can't pay myself(!) - It can be a risky business, when its all money up front. Sometimes, if an item has hung around longer than I would have liked, I have to look at it and think if I can change it in some way to make it more appealing...
This French bedside cupboard is one such item.

I've had it in the shop for a while - At first I felt I should keep its original wood finish - Its had some interest, but hasn't sold...
So on Sunday, out came the paintbrush!

The French grey colouring tones nicely with the marble top, so I hope it will find a new home soon.


A plain/tatty suitcase had (unsurprisingly!), sat on top of the wardrobe in the corner of the shop for a number of weeks too.

So I decided to cover it in fabric yesterday. Its a large case and so would need a large piece of fabric - I decided to use a fairly modern chintz, rather than one of my more valuable vintage fabrics.
Half way through...(A bit fiddly getting the fabric to sit neatly around all of those metal fixtures! - It took me about an hour to finish.)

Here it is done!

I used to make these for my previous shop - A big trunk that I covered years ago can be seen on my other blog here (about halfway down the post).

And this dark wood chair has also been unwanted stock. (I actually like the original chenille seat pad, which is what drew me to the little chair in the first place - It reminds me of the fabric they used to cover the seats with on buses years ago!)

Anyway, another coat of paint...

And I made this removable slipcover at the shop today, using vintage ticking and French linen.

Fingers crossed that giving these items a second chance will see them sell soon.

I made this floral bag today as well, from a vintage Sanderson cotton, which looks pretty displayed with the suitcase. . .

My most recent buys include:
A (very!) rusty metal antique hat box. I love the finish its acquired (hopefully I'm not the only one, or the paint brush will have to be put to use again!)...

and so I wanted to save the rust as much as I could. I rubbed a generous layer of furniture wax into the surface to protect it.

And buffed it to a shine.

This wooden box with distressed green paint caught my eye too...

But the top of it was a little too shabby to be considered attractive...

So I covered it in a vintage Sanderson fabric.
(I sold today - Thank you!)
This dainty little occasional table received a coat of paint at the weekend and is sitting in the shop this week too.

Other smaller items are, an original watercolour painting...

A warm and cosy traditional Welsh wool blanket...

An assortment of moulds and tart tins...
An adorable little turtle make-up compact and vintage 21st Birthday key, which have all been added to the shelves today.

I changed the shop's windows to include the new make-over projects...



And there will be several changes to the inside of the shop over the next few days...

I've decided not to stock clothes at the shop any more. I need more space for my handmade products which have proven themselves to be my best I need to work on that. (I'll be taking the vintage costume items that I have left, to some of the fairs that I've booked for this year. Its their second chance! ;-))

OK, That's it for now - Thanks for stopping-by! :)
Enjoy your evening,
Niki x




  1. Wow, you have been busy!I know how hard it is to change round a shop, you move one thing and before you know it you've got a day's work on your hands! jennyx

  2. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to change the entire look of a piece of furniture! I also love how you've covered the suitcase! I think I need a trip to Bath to visit your shop soon!

  3. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Niki everything looks wonderful,i love these posts of yours where i leave you a comment and scroll back to the top to look at all your beautiful pictures.
    The feather plumes in the window are gorgeous x

  4. You worked so hard ! Everything looks beautiful .... I wish I could visit your shop [ and YOU ! ]
    it looks lovely

  5. You have been so busy Niki! I love what you'v been doing, epecially the tin box and the little soaps in pots. Good luck with them! Jane x

  6. You have been busy Niki. I love the suitcase. I once covered a large trunk in fabric and vowed never again, I did it outside one summer and I am sure my neighbours learnt some new swear words!
    Jo xx

  7. You certainly have been busy. The covered suitcase is my favorite and your store windows are lovely. Good luck with all.

  8. it all looks so lovely, I can see why your handmades are the best sellers- they're so beautiful!
    Hope all is well with you

  9. Wonderful items
    Julie xxxxx

  10. I am very impressed with how sure you are to convert things into something else just by changing their surface. You have really an eye for it, how gifted you are! I love the big metal box! And the wee baking tins - they are really cute.

  11. You most certainly work wonders with your paintbrushes and vintage fabrics! Some day I WILL make it to your shop... I just may have to wait for a couple of children to graduate first (but that's only 2-3 years away)! Have a lovely weekend, Niki!

  12. Inspiring again Niki, I love the recovered suitcase and little green box. I bought some lovely pitch pine cupboards, sanded the horrid varnish off, waxed and buffed. They didn't sell so I sanded the wax off one, painted it cream, waxed it - and it sold within the week! I have 3 others to do. It is a shame that sometimes people don't appreciate wood, but business is business, I am so glad that you are so busy. Oh I also love the soaps/rusty moulds.
    T x

  13. Oh my God gour creations are so special!Love goyr work and also vintage style.I woyld like to start learning it..

  14. I love your fabric covered trunk / suitcase. I have an old family trunk which travelled out to the colonies & I am tasked with covering it - can you please tell me what glue you used & any tips would be most welcome …. it is on my summer holiday to do list …
    I love your blog & the work you do! Thanks

    1. Hi Dee,
      I used PVA glue, applied evenly with a paint brush to avoid air bubbles.
      Hope that helps and good luck with yours..,

    2. Thank you so much for that help - yours look fabulous. The old family one I have to redo really needs covering so this will be helpful. Love your new home & reading some of your posts (found via pinterest) ….


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