Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

February has not had the best start for me - I won't bore you with all the details, but I do take comfort in knowing friends are stopping-by my blog. Many of you leave kind comments and messages, which always make me smile - I read every one and am grateful for the time you spend here.
Our daughter left home for New Zealand yesterday. It is something she has always wanted to do and I am proud of her for having the courage to follow her dreams. Years ago, when she was just a toddler, Hubby and I looked into emigrating to New Zealand with our young family. At the time (and a subsequent second attempt) it didn't work out, and although we often talked about the experience, we settled ourselves and made a happy life in Somerset instead. I think New Zealand has always been in my daughter's mind as somewhere she'd like to go, and so when she started to make plans, it was no surprise.
Its the adventure of a lifetime; we will miss her greatly, but we also want her to be happy...Just, I may need to shed a tear or two first, until I get used to the idea.
I'll be back with a more upbeat post next time.
Keep warm,
Niki x


  1. ((Hugs)) to you!

  2. Anonymous11:16 am

    Aaaaw Niki,
    So sorry to hear February is not being good to you,i will say a little prayer for some happiness to come your way.
    It must have been very hard watching a young one fly the nest,i do hope she has the time of her life and wish her all the best on her adventure,
    Love to you and hugs,
    Your friend Krissie xxx

  3. Its always hard when they leave the nest. How far away is new zealand from you? I know its a ways. the farthest any of mine have moved away was across the country and it was only to go to school, then he came back to this area. How old is she and does she know people there?
    just think, now you'll get to go on fun trips to visit your daughter.
    Shes off on an adventure! I wish I were young enough to have a fun adventure! lol!
    have a nice day,

  4. It must be hard to see your beloved children go but be comforted in knowing you have been such good parents you have given her the confidence and skills to go out and discover the world for herself- what a wonderful legacy!
    Plus with text,email,skype you will be able to keep in touch..
    So shed a tear but then smile when you think of the sights she will see..
    My sister went and loved it!
    Warm Wishes,

  5. Hugs and kisses, gorgeous Niki xx <3

  6. big hug winging its way thru the ether...xx

  7. Aaaaw Nicki,
    Big hugs to you my dear. {{HUGS}

  8. No wonder you feel fed up. I hope maybe you can make a trip over? In the mean time, good old skype. Take care.

  9. Hi Niki, I feel for you. My son and his wife and four children are in the process of applying to emigrate to Australia.I am secretly devastated and cant imagine how hard it will be not to see them often when and if they do go.It has to be their decision though and I do understand they think this will give their family a chance of a better life.

  10. Virtual hugs to you. I was so sad when Son no 2 moved only 60 or so miles away (and so happy when he came back!) Hopefully you will have a wonderful visit over there at some point xxx

  11. So hard when they leave. Our daughter lives in Maryland and we're in Georgia and that's the closest we been in 20 years. Hope she finds what she's looking for.

  12. Oh, poor Niki. You did not tell when we came - or have I missed something? I do hope that she will have a very happy time but also that she will come back at one moment, unless NZ will be "her" country. Sending you boatloads of positive vibes and a big hug!

  13. Goodbyes are never easy - my dearest parents and sister live in South Africa, but as we tell each other often, thank goodness for skype and the knowledge that 'you are only a flight away'! Thinking of you. Sharon

  14. I feel for you - my daughter was in Ireland for two years. I cried a lot and was so glad when she came home.

  15. I know the feeling.It was bad enough when our children went off to uni.When uni was finished our son went to London to work and we knew that was it and he wouldn't come back to n Wales or even Manchester.Then he announced he was going to the British Virgin Islands for a year.He works in London now but I remember those feelings.Our daughter lives just 40 minutes away which is great.Hope you can skype and e mail your daughter.

  16. Thank you all for your kind and supportive emails...
    The link within this post will take you to my daughter's new blog, where she will chart the journey she makes on the other side of the world. Her blog is called 'The Road Goes Ever On' - J.R.R Tolkien fans will understand the reference.

    Niki x

  17. It's much easier to stay in touch now that there is e-mail and Skype. (I hope I spelled that correctly.) Ours left home years ago, and long distance calls became our only attachment... this was 20 years ago when the rates were still really high.
    Just think of it this way, now you have added reason to vacation in NZ.

  18. I feel your youngets son wet to New Zealand for a year and then on his return he and my eldest son went to Australia for a year.I was devestated but pleased they were expanding their horizons.My eldest son is currently planning to return to Australia.It is hard but the world is becoming a smaller place with facebook and skype.I always enjoyed reading their e mails.Hope you feel better soon. Anne x

  19. Oh Niki, yes, you really will miss her but you've let her go with your blessing, with wings on her back and not a weight on her shoulders.
    New technology will make it so much easier to keep in contact than a few decades ago, not the same as having them near, but better than just a phone call at Christmas or an occasional letter.
    Carol xx

  20. Hi Niki,
    Not surprised you are a bit down! As lots of other comment have said, the world is a lot smaller with skype, etc but that's cold comfort for you at the moment.
    All best wishes,

  21. I know how you feel, our dd moved to Melbourne (1000km away) when she 18, I kept thinking she would come back but she didn't. Then our ds moved to Canada 3 years ago. So 18 months ago we sold up & moved to Melbourne.
    NZ is a beautiful country, as you know, I can see the attraction. Mind you, my dream is to live in the UK, lol.
    I take comfort in the fact that my kids were confident enough to strike out & make their lives where they wanted to & of course the internet makes such a huge difference. Thanks to facebook I can keep in touch with ds with smothering him, lol.

  22. Your post reminds me of one of my favorite sayings. "There are two lasting things we can give our children. One is roots and the other is wings." I think wings are the most difficult but I also think it's a compliment to the way your daughter was raised. You gave her the confidence to venture out into the world and find what she's looking for. : )

    God bless. xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  23. Awww, if you need a shoulder to lean on or a hug, I'm there for you! Thinking about you...

  24. I totally understand how you feel. Our 26 yr old daughter recently told us she is applying for a 2 year UK work visa and we live in Australia! And she has not lived in our state since she was 19, we have been hoping she would come home to settle but she loves to travel. So now my husband & I may plan a trip to the UK in 2013, just so we can catch up with her.
    Of course you & your husband will have to visit NZ, it does help a little if you can see where she lives & works and get to meet the people she knows. Once a Mum,always a Mum.

  25. Thank you for the lovely blog post. I read it before but didn't have time to reply. I love New Zealand and will update you on more of our adventures soon! Miss you all xxx


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