Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shop Talk

The last couple of weeks I have been reminded as to why I blog...I have had several lovely visitors to my shop, all of whom have found me in my tiny corner of Somerset because of it. As well as several like-minded gals visiting from Bedfordshire and also the Devon area, I was very lucky to welcome once again, Anke from Belgium and her friend Frau all the way from Germany. Anke has written a lovely post all about her trip to England here.
Always a pleasure to welcome new and old friends alike. x
So, with just that push that I needed, I went out treasure seeking again and found a few more bits and bobs to keep the shelves stocked.
A set of six crinoline lady cup & saucers with matching sugar bowl and cream jug...
And this pretty Edwardian vase.
Stone squirrel statue.
A cut glass vase and a piece of brain coral.
Tiny treasure box, with a rather plush interior!

Folding curling tongs (of the non-electrical variety! ;-))
Blue glass vase and hand painted lacquerware bowl.
Sugar sifter spoon.
Rose water bottle with pretty stopper.
Another bottle with stopper.

C1940's pattern for knickers and a slip...They'd be perfect if made up from parachute silk for authenticity! ;-))
2 pairs of C1950's lace look nylon stockings.

And a large collection of vintage buttons and other fasteners on their original cards...I shall bring some of these with me to the next fair I shall be attending.

Thanks for stopping-by,
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Such beautiful finds Niki,i especially love the sugar sifter spoon it is beautiful!
    One day i will be on the list of visitors to your pretty shop ;)
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Oh, the lovely things you have that I will never get to far far away.

  3. Hi Niki
    I love the cups with Crinoline Lady, is a subject that I love!
    You are always very nice things, sigh!
    Maybe next month will be
    closest to me ;o))
    Hughs and Kisses, Maria.

  4. What treasures!
    Your pictures are always so lovely to see..
    Warm Wishes,

  5. Niki, I always see how many beautiful things
    in your blog, you know, maybe I come in March
    see you .... I can not wait!
    a hug
    Susy x

  6. Such pretty treasures you find on your travels! ;)

  7. I am new to blogging and have just found your wonderful blog,how fantastic.I must come and visit your shop one day.
    Sally x

  8. Everything looks gorgeous Niki :o)

    I really like those folding curling tongs and the buttons...
    The sugar sifter is really pretty too...

    Have a happy busy week Niki,
    Kind regards,
    Donna x

  9. Niki, visiting your wonderful shop all the way from Bedfordshire was really a wish come true. As I was, at last able to tell you, face to face :-) I have been following your blog for several years and have had so much pleasure from watching your venture go from strength to strength. You have been a huge inspiration and you are a shining example of recycling and not letting even a tiny scrap go to waste. That beautiful dainty brooch made from a single cross stitched letter rescued from an old damaged sampler and mounted on little pieces of vintage lace is a wonderful example. Thank you for a lovely half hour. It was a struggle to drag myself away.
    Warm wishes Angela xx

  10. Fabulous finds! I especially like the knicker pattern :) Maggie xx


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