Friday, June 08, 2012

My Littlest Girl...

Two days of high winds...

And two casualties so far...but at least I get to enjoy them indoors now. 

Thank you to all who have visited me in my shop this week, despite the weather!  - Some people will go to great lengths for their 'vintage fix' you know! ;-))
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x
PS: Just wanted to leave you with this lovely poem by Jane Gray.
Our youngest daughter has left 6th Form now, save for going into 

school to sit her final A level exam in English Language 
- She's ready to make decisions about what's next...
Time flies...


  1. That poem is beautiful and has me with a tear in my eyes. My little boy is certainly not grown up but is already almost 20 months and I just can't believe how quickly those 20 months have gone. It seems like just last week that he was my newborn tiny baby and now he is walking and talking! Yesterday we had a bit of a sort out and move around in his room and I ended up in tears as my Husband pointed out to me that he was growing up and I admitted that I'm not very good at letting go. Goodness knows how I will be when he goes to nursery and then school! Luckily I am 16 weeks pregnant so will get to hold a tiny baby again soon but will of course have to go through the 'growing up' thing with another little one. Good luck to your youngest. Hope she does well in her exams. Fiona

  2. Your foxgloves are beautiful. What a shame the stems broke in the wind but how lovely to enjoy them close up. I have a Fennel which had grown quite tall and looked so lovely but has been flattened by the wind. At least mine should send up new shoots and recover.

  3. Such a beautiful flower to have been blown over before all of the blossoms came out! We had high winds this last week too.

  4. Yes where does time go........I now have grandchildren!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. What a lovely verse and so true..I want to keep my grandchildren small now!! Sue x

  6. What a sweet poem.


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