Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pretty Nostalgic 2

Issue two (July & August 2012) of Pretty Nostalgic magazine is out now. 
I love the upcycled garden article on page 23, which reminds me a lot of our visits to Trevoole Farm, where fabrics, vintage treasures and salvage is used in similar ways. 
I was also interested to see Jo's article about Upton House. I recognised it immediately from our holiday last year - Every evening we walked past this flamboyant residence on our way down the narrow, steep streets from our little rented cottage to the town centre of Fowey in Cornwall.
It is run as a B&B, where everything inside is for sale. 
Of course it was good to see the article I had worked on with Jo and Jenny too
The hours of styling compacted into 5 pages of inspiration. 

A couple of the lavender filled pillows that I made for the shoot are still available in my on-line shop.
The article is all about using natural pieces in your decorating, which is something I always like to do...
A small wooden shelf unit in our porch is home to lots of bits and pieces found in our garden and on holidays...
Such as hundreds of periwinkle shells brought back from various south west coast beaches and displayed in a glass vase

I've also used apple crates in our home, as suggested in the article - one offers a place to store logs for our open fire in the living room. I also have a couple that I use as shelves when I have a stall at the vintage makes packing away at the end a simple task too, as everything usually fits inside them. 
Today I have brought in some loosestrife stems from my garden...within a day or so they will be a mass of yellow flowers. I love their almost weed-like country look! - I have masses of these plants growing beneath our apple trees, so can easily spare some in the kitchen...this is fast becoming my favourite spot to display a few garden flowers. Simple decorating that costs nothing.
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  1. Thanks for this post, I had not seen this new magazine. As I recycle everything, in my art and as part of my vintage selling business I have subscribed :-) Joan

  2. Hi Niki,
    beautiful pictures, love the loosestrife. (I know it as lysimachia - flowers have so many names!). I have also plenty of fruit boxes for storage, they are really handy but get expensive here now.
    Your post reminds me that I had posted a request to the magazine to know the price for abroad postage and never got a reply... Never mind, I might be able to get a copy when I am across.


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