Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking a Break...

My weekend buying trip turned up a few delights:
A teeny little book, some velvet forget-me-not flowers and some vintage brooches.

Lovely greetings postcards

Vintage 'Ladybird' book with the cutest pictures

A large pieces of antique linen with floral design
Three Connoisseur magazines from 1913...
With some wonderful costume plates inside.

And this little cutie! :) 
On our way back home, Hubs and I decided to call in at the Walled Garden at Mells. I was reminded about it after reading my copy of Pretty Nostalgic magazine, which featured this pretty garden, including it on the front cover. We have visited it before, but only during the busy Mell's daffodil festival

It wasn't until we sat outside the cafe, where a copy of Country Living Magazine lay on the table, that I realised it is featured in this publication this month too! 

(I stopped buying Country Living magazine about three years ago when every issue seemed to have an article or promotion for CK, which became a bit tedious - But it does seem to have improved again now.)
There is a beautiful spread all about the garden and its owner and florist Jo. 

Jo has created a wonderful garden full of typical country perennials,which she uses in her floral bouquets.She also uses a lot of salvaged items to add interest and surprise. 

Here is the piano that can be seen on the front cover of PN magazine.
With magnificent flower arrangements on top.

Here's a quick tour of the grounds...

A country shop is housed in an old green house, which is kept cool by panels of floral fabrics hung at the roof-line. 

More details about the garden (which is free to enter), can be found on the website here

Once back home, I decided to get on with making some chutney. I bought some supplies from the market, plus I had lots of plums picked from my garden last year(!), which I had stored in the freezer.

Plum chutney about to be cooked in my £2 car boot sale aluminium cooking pot! 
Nearly ready...
Then carefully and quickly into sterile, warmed pickle jars.

Then the mangoes...

Lots of jars to mature for a family event later this year...
Just the aubergine chutney yet to do...
I'm going to be taking a break from my blog for a short while...
I'm also closing my shop for a week, due to family commitments...there is just too much going on and I need a little time to breath...
I shall be closed from July 14th until I re-open again on the 26th July - Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you Jill for the summer posy! ;-))
I'm looking forward to a little time spent with my family. My middle daughter has her uni graduation ceremony coming up soon and there is the general busyness that seems to arrive with summer...

Our youngest daughter's school prom/leaver's party was last night
...another milestone passes...
Enjoy the summer - I hope it brings you many happy days,
Niki x


  1. Have a super 'summer' (?) vacation Niki. If anyone deserves it - you certainly do!


  2. Have a lovely break Niki, and enjoy some time with your family. See you back soon.
    Jo xx

  3. Wonderful photos of the walled garden. Enjoy your break away from the shop and have some fab down time with your family. Congrats to your daughter on her graduation!

  4. Thanks,Niki, for sharing such lovely photos.I'm still waiting for summer to arrive here in N Yorks.It's been so drab and sunless I find myself reaching for the St Johns Wort...Have a wonderful break and hope you come back recharged and full of vigour.(If I knew where you could get that I would buy a bucketful.)
    Much love Anne x

  5. Anonymous11:20 am

    Enjoy your summer break Niki,look forward to your return later in the year.juliexxx

  6. Hi Niki, that really was one treat of a post... what a break to come over to you and read what you do and gaze at your lovely shots... so many beautiful things! Love Helen, Darcy, and Bingley xxx

  7. Hope that you have a chance to wind down a little...maybe the sun will shine for you!
    Callie x

  8. Gorgeous photos, Niki. Good to have a break, I shall pass by in August and take those NP magazines, please :-) - thanks for offering!
    Having heard of such huge rainfalls in the UK, I feel a bit very sorry for that beautiful piano staying outside. And I wonder what you have put in your aluminium with the magno (I found a very similar one ;-) and one in copper )
    We expect to get (again) mangoes from EG's pakistany customer soon. Enjoy your leasure days!

  9. Fabulous place and great photo's. Have a lovely break.

  10. Wow, awesome photos. Have a wonderful break.

  11. Have a lovely summer, Niki! Enjoy the precious time spent with your girls and that darling grandbaby of yours. :)

  12. Wonderful place and great photos thank you.
    Yes, Country Living magazine seems to be back on track.
    Have a lovely summer, hope we get some sunshine soon.
    Carol xx

  13. have a lovely break Niki, had hoped to see you today.. but not sure you made it to Le Flea? Lotsa love, Liz xx

  14. Enjoy your holiday time Niki! The camper van which I have been waiting for since April is now mine so I am about to hit the road and spend some time with my brother and his family in Dorset. I just hope it doesn't rain the whole time......What an interesting garden you visited, I shall look again at the piece in Country Living, which I have to say has redeemed itself these last two months after a long period of serious decline; I'd almost cancelled my membership!

  15. Hi Niki,
    What a lovely interesting piece! I'm hoping to visit the walled garden after reading about it in the Pretty Nostagic magazine too.
    Have a happy break
    Jane xx


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