Thursday, November 14, 2013

Festive Decorations

I've been decorating the shop for Christmas a little today...

I wired-up some of the smaller antique glass bottles I had in stock, to create a hook and filled them with gypsophila flowers...
And hung them from my twiggy tree amongst some vintage baubles. 

A wire tree, placed in the front window, was decorated with simple glass chandelier drops tied with satin ribbons. 
Stockings were hung.
And more coloured glass baubles arranged.

50's faux fur coat and shawl to keep out the winter chill.

Thank you to all who have placed an order for the new Nostalgia calendar for 2014. I have added some more to my on-line catalogue this evening. 
Niki x


  1. It's looking lovely as always, Niki! Love the festive holiday touches you've added!

  2. It looks wonderfully charming, Niki. What a shame I won't make it to your shop on Friday in time. But looking forward to seeing you :-)

  3. Beautiful. I'm still in denial. I guess that will all change when we start making Christmas goodies at our bakery!

  4. Your shop is always lovely. but it looks especially cozy and inviting for the holiday season. Oh how I would love to be able to see your handmade and vintage lovelies in person. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful images.

  5. Your shop looks just delightful. I am crazy for Christmas and cannot wait to put my decorations up first weekend of December!!

  6. Your shop looks beautiful and it's making me feel all Christmasy!


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