Monday, November 25, 2013

Late Night Shopping

Its not just fairy making for the fairs that's been going on around here...
I also have to keep my shop fully stocked with tempting items for the festive period.

One of my recent makes was to create some fabric covers for three reproduced copies of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, by Edith Holden. 
This one was made from antique French linen, overlaid with vintage lace. A length of lace ties around the book when not in use.
The illustrations inside this book are beautifully reproduced to look like original artworks.

I also had a copy of The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady.
This one I've covered in a vintage Sanderson cotton, which seemed to reflect the drawings inside quite well.
This also fastens with a length of vintage lace. 

There is a third book, which is another copy of the original Country Diary, which I also covered in the vintage Sanderson
This is my favourite picture :)

Waste not, want not - Three little mitten decorations were made from the off-cuts of the lacy knitting that I used to make the angel's gown for Nth Cadbury.
Sprinkled around the tops with mica glitter.
It does feel like Christmas is just around the corner now...
The silver birch wreath that I made a few years ago and is still going strong, has been hung on my shop's front door....
The large Christmas tree arrived on Shepton Mallet's Market Place last week...

It will become festooned in lights, with the switching on ceremony taking place this Friday.
I shall be staying open until 7pm for an opportunity for late night shoppers to come vintage shopping.

I've already found some treasures on the High Street - A whole collection of 50's Christmas decorations, which came from the Age UK charity shop.
This fabulous light set has handwritten notes on the box, which state that all the bulbs are working - Tested in 1955!

I'm planning to use them as pretty accessories for my fairies, rather than potentially electrocuting the household!

There's lots of gorgeous fairy-sized baubles too - all in perfect condition...A thrilling find :) 
Have a happy week!
Niki x


  1. Your covered books are lovely! I hope Friday's shopping evening is successful for you ... M x

  2. I totally agree! Those book covers are lovely! They would make perfect gifts! And those little mitten ornaments are soooooo cute! ! !

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . everywhere you go! I'll bet that tree lighting ceremony will help put everyone in the mood to shop, shop, shop! And I hope they do lots of spending at your lovely shop! ! ! I know I would if I could get there!

  3. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite-me:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  4. Golly the vintage christmas decorations were a fab find..lovely. warm regards, Sue

  5. Oooh you've made me feel all Christmassy. Thank you Nikki! Jane xx

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