Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Silver Lining.

Found this rather forlorn little vintage box at the last flea market I attended...Think it would have once held a hair brush and hand-mirror set...And yes, I did pay money for this sad little object! ;-))
The old pale blue cotton lining was tattered and stained - This was hastily removed and I tackled re-lining the box using a silvery-grey velvet scarf that had been destined for the scissors ever since I'd discovered it to be the most uncomfortable scarf I have ever worn!

It was a bit of a fiddly-faff, but I got there in the end with patience...and some PVA glue...
I thought it would make a sumptuous display piece for jewellery or silverware.

Visitors to my shop today have been asking when I plan to be open for some final shopping before Christmas:
I intend to be open tomorrow (Friday 20th) and Saturday 21st, 9.30am to 4pm as usual, then I shall be closed until the New Year...Opening again as normal from Thursday 9th January 2014.
And another piece of shop news...A few weeks ago I welcomed the Google cameras into Nostalgia at No.1. I can now be found on Google maps 'Street View', where you can take a virtual step inside the doors of my little shop and leave a review there too, if you'd like. Hope you'll enjoy your visit. 
Thanks for stopping-by,
Niki x


  1. You have done wonders with that velvet Niki! What a sumptuous display box....Have the best of Christmases and a New Year full of good luck x x x

  2. that's so lovely!
    Am going over to Google to see you now. . .


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