Sunday, December 01, 2013

Festive Wreath for Free!

 Hubby and I went for a walk today, to the fields and lanes near our home. We came home laden with lovely seasonal branches from the hedgerows, so I decided to make a Christmas wreath for our front door... 

I made the wreath base in exactly the same way as last year, using fallen branches from the silver birch tree in our garden. 
I then just pushed in short lengths of the foliage and berry laden branches till it was full.
Its ended up quite large this year - The width of our front door!
(Tufts of sheep's wool found on our walk, which I left decorating the hazel branches.)

Lovely gingham ribbon bow was wired in place. 
Welcome to our home,
Niki x


  1. Your wreath is gorgeous and I can just imagine how wonderful it smells, too :)
    Keep Smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Oh my what a stunning wreath. I wish I could find such wonderful foliage around my house like that :-) Australia does not offer such sumpuous delights like this at Christmas. xx

  3. So pretty and free wonderful. The gingham ribbon just the perfect finishing touch.

  4. Simply gorgeous! How nice to live so close to things you can just pick up to use! ! ! :)

  5. Looks gorgeous Niki
    Jo xx

  6. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Hi Niki
    I adore the idea of the sheeps wool for a real country inspired wreath.
    Frances x

  7. Niki beautiful work,
    Your garland is gorgeous and makes
    your door even more charming!
    Love Suzy x


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