Friday, January 24, 2014

She Sells Sea Shells...

I bought these beautiful capiz shells (sometimes known as a windowpane oyster) from Belinda (Ginger Rose) at a fair last year. They have sat in my workroom while I wondered what to do with them...

The answer came to me when I bought someone's vintage/antique collection of mother-of-pearl and abalone shell buttons. I love these old buttons and would much rather reuse them than to buy new ones. Besides, modern buttons that guarantee being  from an ethical source (which I feel is important), command quite high prices. (Example.)
Out came some of my favourite pieces of antique lace for this little project...
I carefully glued sections of the lace to each shell...

Love how these look now...

They then became a pretty way of packaging a mixed selection of the buttons. 

All wrapped in cellophane, they make a sweet gift for the sewer. I shall probably be bringing these with me to the next fair I attend.
Other items I've made so far this week include some greetings cards - I used scraps of antique fabric combined with ephemera.

This one is a combination of vintage wallpaper and a woollen heart.

Two more lavender-filled hearts made from French linens...

And a pretty cushion, created from vintage hand embroidery and a c1970's John Lewis floral fabric.

Thank you for your kind comments and good wishes left on my previous post...
And thanks for stopping-by today,
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. How lovely! You have an eye for creating things that have both a nostalgic and a contemporary design flair. I wish I could visit your shop, maybe on the next trip to the UK.

  2. Love all your vintage inspired creations. The button lace shells are a great idea and the embroidered cushion is so pretty.

  3. Oh Niki, Those shells are amazing. I so love the lace that you have used. You wouldn't happen to have any of that lace for sale would you? It would look amazing on my antique linen & lace quilt I am making.
    Hugs Elizabeth xx

  4. What lovely makes Niki, and those lacy shells would make a pretty pendant for a simple ribbon necklace or a decoration hung from a door handle.

  5. Hi Niki,what delightful shells and the cushion is sooo me,I love it.You are so clever.

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    Many thanks for your comment on my blog...I use my scrap lace for projects such as these, rather than cutting into large usable pieces, so I'm afraid I have none of this left now. It was rather ancient and lovely, but quite fragile, so worked well being glued in place.

    Have a good week and Happy Sewing!

  7. Sad face :-( never mind. It looks amazing on the shells.
    Hugs Elizabeth

  8. You are so creative!

  9. Lovely, lovely! I particularly like the sea shells- they look quite magical little packages now. Jane xx


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