Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fripperies for Fairy Fashions...

Most of my latest flea market finds include items to use in my fairy making...I've wanted to develop them further for a while now, but never seem to have the thinking time...But I am working on a new look for them, which I hope to have perfected by the time I attend the next V&H fair in February.

For now, here are some of the treasures that came home with me on Sunday...
ALWAYS lovely to find ancient trimmings that have never been used, or equally salvaged from an antique piece; whether tiny snippets or yardages. 

Lace, beads, and a tiny wired butterfly.

And ephemera to use in yet more fun projects.

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. What treasure! I'm looking forward to seeing how you use it x Jane

  2. Hi Niki,very pretty bits and bobs it's such fun treasure hunting isn't it.I collect all sorts from my Thursday flea market in Chesterfield!Ttfn Pam.


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