Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rose Season

The wonderful roses flowering in our garden just now have inspired my latest handmade creations...

Using a classic c1980's Sanderson furnishing fabric called 'Chelsea', I made a set of 4 cushions. 
I used the same fabric front and back...
(and just to put cushion making into perspective, I recycled a full pair of cottage curtains to make these...Lots of fabric!)
All 4 reserved - thank you! 

This is a cushion I made as a 'thank you' for my friend Maggie, using lots of smaller pieces of fabric! 
I used a collection of cheerful red rose prints to make the patchwork front. 

The reverse was made from salvaged pieces from a quilted bedspread.
I thought I'd make another one of a similar style for the Textile Fair that I'm attending this Saturday, in Frome. 
Lots of pretty pink roses for the summer season. 

Also, just wanted to share this with you - Hubby and I decided to take out a large Bay tree from our garden's border, that had become a bit of a thug. Rather than digging out the multiple trunks, hubby used them as supports for a bird table. 

Using bits of salvaged wooden planking, he created the table top and screwed it into the old branches. 
An old bird house from elsewhere in the garden was also screwed in place, creating a 'Birdy B&B'!! 

Hope you too are enjoying happy times creating or gardening,
Niki x


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  2. I love Chelsea fabric so much so that when I was at Hope and Elvis studio I bought a curtain and had it made into a skirt. Everyone compliments me on it. x

  3. Oh my goodness! Roses, roses everywhere! Your garden is so very lovely. I love the idea of the birdie B&B! Great idea to use the bay tree stumps like that! Your cushions are lovely as always! Your work is beautiful!

  4. Loving all the roses and the spider 'photobombing' pic no 3!
    I love the Sandersons' 'Little Chelsea' best but, if I had a home with bigger rooms would use the larger print.
    On pinterest I noticed a familiar pic, I think it's one from your garden, with the wire dress form with roses growing around it. Ever since seeing that pic on your blog I've wanted to obtain a dress form like it and let roses grow through it! Not found one yet!

    I love the second patchwork cushion best, the one you plan to take to the show....well, I COULD make one myself, surely, as there is a vast stash of 'Roses' fabric remnants/fat quarters in my little bedroom!

    Thanks for a lovely bright, rose-filled post Niki,

  5. Niki
    Lovely images you have shared with us again
    Love the cushion that you have made for Maggie and those Chelsea cushions a timeless classic
    Louise xx

  6. Lovely cushions Niki and that fabric, so beautiful. I like that.


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