Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tiny Miracles

As I was walking underneath our raised decking the other day, I noticed one of our bird boxes rotted and smashed to pieces on the floor. 
As I scooped up the broken pieces I saw there was a lovely moss nest amongst the debris and inside it were two tiny baby wrens! I couldn't believe my eyes, they had survived the fall and were still safe inside, but what to do with them? 
I ran indoors quickly, looking for inspiration and picked up one of my old willow baskets. 
Back outside, I was able to ram it up into the eaves of the decking so that it was secure. Gently placing the nest inside, along with the remains of the wooden bird box, I hoped they would be safe and that their parents would find them and not abandon them. 
Whether they had watched what I had done, I don't know, but I waited a good five minutes out of sight...and then it happened...
The adult bird flew down, used the basket handle as a perch(!) and fed her babies! 
The photos aren't great, as I had to stay well back, these poor little ones had, had enough trauma for one day...
But here she is again coming in with more tidbits to feed her young.
A few days later the babies fledged and I feel pleased I was able to help them on their way, just a little. 
My handmade cards made from rare antique French fabric fragments. 
Enjoy the rest of your day,
Niki x


  1. How lovely to be able to help like that and to have Jenny Wrens in your garden,all we get are blackbirds and pigeons nesting in ours. Better than nothing though and we do have a resident hedgehog.

  2. Good job you where about otherwise, I don't think they would have survived.
    Well done!
    Perhaps they might have a second brood in their 'De-luxe nest, or maybe use it again next year?

  3. What a beautiful, magical story, Niki. All what we have around is drama, cat drama to be precise. Having been adopted by 3 cats over the last 14 years, we have every year hard moments of killed birds. The great tits did make it and the marsh tits were clever enough for their nest building but the blue tits were all but one killed and yesterday I found a young long taled tit. Did not even know we had them nesting around... I try to keep the house cats inside during the day but it's not always easy. So pleased for your wrens, though!

  4. What a rescue and how fascinating to watch mum come back and feed them.Lovely story.

  5. I love a happy ending! Great quick thinking! I'm so glad you noticed them in time to save them! Your cards are so pretty! I'll bet they get scooped up quickly!

  6. That story cheered me up, thank you for sharing, Nikki. I'm so glad you were able to help the baby birds and mama bird!

  7. what a fantastic story and I thought the basket looked fab, you could start a whole new fashion of bird basket homes.

    best wishes Ginny

  8. Aw, you made them a lovely "make shift" home, bless you. I love stories like this where there are caring people in the world, thank you. X

  9. I'm so glad you saved them. I love wrens, they are so brave and bolshy! I love your new cards too. Jane xx

  10. The little bird post quite bought a tear to my eye! What a lovely use for a basket!!


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