Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Spring in the Step.

So nice to think that spring isn't very far away now and to see the garden beginning to wake up again...

I'm starting to collect new spring inspired stock for the next fair that I'm attending - I'm hopeful to have a whole stall of fresh items that I've not shown before. 
The date for the diary is April 18th for the Spring Vintage Bazaar, Frome. 

And just to end this little post, I thought you might like to see an Easter fairy that I've just completed. 
She's called Miss Flopsy. 
I'm sold - Thank you! 
Niki x


  1. It always lovely to see glimpses of your garden! The flowers are so beautiful!

  2. Good evening Niki,thankyou for your message,I could not wait to read Vintage flowers so I read it from cover to cover this evening!What a treat,I have NEVER enjoyed a book so much before, it is SO me.I will be buying flowers tomorrow and arranging them in a vintage recepticle!!Thanks again.Pam

  3. Hi Pam,
    So glad you enjoyed it!
    Vic Brotherson has just written another book about wedding flowers. I'm trying to get a look at a copy to see whether the ideas could be used elsewhere as well...may be another one for the book shelf!
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Niki, we were out mulching yesterday and the lupins and delphiniums are growing,our gardens are waking from their slumber,such pretty blooms at The Stone House and how lovely is Miss Flopsy? you are so talented my friend xxx


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