Friday, March 20, 2015

Freaky Friday

Spring Equinox...
A super moon...
And a solar eclipse this morning...
What a way to welcome the new season! 
I'm taking it as a good omen for positive things to come!
And to continue this freaky Friday, I thought I'd show you what I've been making this week...(My daughters have never understood my fascination for old doll's faces and heads and the word 'freaky' was often bandied about when they were younger ;-))
These wonderful little boudoir doll faces have been in my supplies for a while now - It's taken a bit of courage to use of them in my work as they have remained unused for the whole of their lifetime. They date from around the 20's and so needed a sympathetic touch, I felt. 
I decided to team them with some beautiful pristine antique French ribbons that I've also had stashed away for years
The heads are of a smaller size to those I've used in the past to make flapper head hat a different idea was required...

This little c1930's child's coat hanger hangs in my granddaughter's bedroom and was just the inspiration I needed. 
The faces I had weren't childlike though, so I was going to create a more sophisticated style like this one. 
Here is the result of a few hours work...

Three of them will be coming with me to the Vintage Bazaar, Frome (less than a month away now :)
Having set myself the challenge to bring a whole new collection of stock with me to that event, I am excited to be building up a good range of items. 
One is staying with me and has joined my collection of boudoiry bits in a cabinet...It's unlikely I'll ever come across more of the little faces, so I'd like to hang on to one for never know, one day my girls might actually appreciate all my doll's heads and faces around the place! ...there's lots for them to inherit! ;-))
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. The Eclipse was so interesting wasn't it? Truly a wonder. I love those hangers, what a fabulous idea! x

  2. Wow! I love them . Dolls' heads usually creep me out, but not these! Lovely work. I'm new to your blog and I'm really enjoying it. We hardly had any change in light during the eclipse here in Norfolk, although the temp. did drop quite a bit, Oh well, it's the Spring Equinox, so all's right with the world. Blessings

  3. Those are absolutely gorgeous! What an inspired idea to use them in such a way. I absolutely love these.

  4. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Maybe the Eclipse inspired your creations... I love them, they are truly inspirational.
    Frances x

  5. Hi Niki,
    The eclipse was fascinating to watch and a little magical too.
    Your little faces are lovely,i thought at first glance they had bunny ears,you have made them look so beautiful and i would have kept one too xxx


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