Monday, April 13, 2015

Date for the Diary...

Hope you had a lovely weekend...
I'll be back later in the week with details of some of the treasures coming with me to the Vintage Spring Bazaar, Frome on Saturday. 
Enjoy your week,
Niki x


  1. Beautiful Daffodils in a lovely bowl. Is it Dartmouth pottery?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your comment. This vase is unmarked, but I have another in a strange mottled colour scheme, which is by Sylvac. It's my larger vases similar to these that seem to be made by Dartmouth.


  3. Having been away to the UK just recently, I think EG would not be too happy if I escape again. But how I would love to see the Vintage Bazaar in Frome one day! Wish you a great day and fabulous customers, Niki.

  4. Hi Niki, beautiful flower vase and such pretty daffodils too! loving the cushion on your chair in your last picture,hope you are well xxx

  5. What a glorious display of Daffodils in a beautiful vase,you have encouraged me to purchase vases having read and SO enjoyed Vic Brotherson,vintage flowers.Also I have cushion envy!!!P.S. I am now on the hunt for the " pink one" as you showed us in your previous holiday post. Best Regards Pam.


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