Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Was Once a Centrefold!

This week I have been busy clearing out our attic...
And I came across this old copy of The Sun newspaper. Not a tabloid I would normally purchase(!), but this one from 1970 holds some memories for me...
Turn to the centre pages and I am featured as part of a story about children's first day at school.
 As you can see, I was not at all happy to be there...and I still have some very vivid memories of that day (and of the bearded man taking my photo as I sobbed and sobbed.)
I knew from day-one that school was not a place I wanted to be and there were many more mornings that followed just like this one. I was coaxed and bribed with toys and I remember asking that if I were to play with them, would I then be allowed back home?! 
This morning my daughter heard which primary school has allocated a place to my granddaughter from September...
Thankfully she has been given a place at her first choice...
With her confidence, I'm sure she will settle a lot better than I did! 
Hope it's the same good news for any other Mums out there waiting to hear this morning...
Have a lovely day,
Niki x


  1. That was me ten years earlier. I didn't want to be a school either. I'd have rather been at home too!

  2. I vividly remember my first day at school, I was traumatised, especially when I found out I had to go every day.

  3. Is that really you there, Niki?
    My most horrible day in early life was the same experience. We were 46 pupils and the teacher, Frau Eichner, was well over 65 when we started at school. I have forgotten lots of names of teachers but that one stayed forever in my memory. Shouting and hitting on the head was normal, as if any better would come out of the brain by that treatment. Gosh, I was so happy having put these memories in the deepest draw of my mind - I'll go in the garden now,for therapy, haha.

  4. Hi Anke,
    Yes, it really was me...School never really became the place I wanted to be and I was glad to leave at 16...Sad to think girls in some countries don't even have the opportunity to attend school!

    I did however love college and got so much out of it, which helped steer me in the path I am on now...

    Sorry I brought back some difficult memories for you with my post x


  5. Ooooh Niki i was afraid to read on haha...i thought oh it will be tasteful knowing Niki with vintage feather boas and carefully placed sequins ;) you are such a cutie Niki must have been hard for your mum seeing those tears falling,wishing your little Granddaughter a happy time when she starts her new adventure xxx

  6. Hi Krissie,
    Haha...made you look! ;-))

    That's my Mum on the left, with the teacher and the toy telephone on the right. In the end she just had to leave and I remember watching her walk across the playground from the classroom window - I was inconsolable!

    N x

  7. How wonderful that you still have that newspaper. I bet your children will be fascinated to see you as a tiny (beautiful) little girl!


  8. Hi Niki!
    I haven't 'done the rounds' in the blogging world for quite some time and yours was the first one I've visited, in ages. I just love those photos! It's amazing that you have a record of that first day, even though it wasn't the best of experiences! I can clearly remember my first day at school, although it was slightly happier than yours! ;-)
    Like you,my granddaughter has also attained her place at her first choice of school and, having already started at the nursery in the same school,I would hope that moving up to the reception class will be a smooth transition!
    Hope all is well with you!
    Sal xxx ;-)

  9. Hi Sal,
    Lovely to hear from you - Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    I would love to reply properly on yours, but when I click on your link its says "Profile Not Available".

    Glad to hear that your granddaughter also has her first choice of school...I'm sure that helps them to take that next big step in their lives.

    My best wishes,
    Niki xx

  10. :D Oh, my! I had a much different idea of what was going to be in this post! Pheeeew! ;) Sorry to see you were so traumatized!


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