Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Antiques Hunt.

I took a day off to go antique hunting yesterday. I had hoped to show you some wonderful treasures that I had found, but I came home empty handed! I stated off in Tetbury, where they have a whole street full of antique shops. The picture below shows the steps where the Duchess of Cornwall stood to switch on the Tetbury Christmas lights this year.

There were plenty of pretty Christmas displays that I can share with you instead.

Each shop had an individual wreath on the door....

I then went on to Griffin Mill, where I normally find amazing French furinture treasures....

I would have loved to have bought this vintage caravan!! (It would have made a fantastic workroom!)
Then I travelled home via Nailsworth.....

Where I saw this huge marshmallow covered snowman in the sweet shop window! The florist shop looked very pretty too. Although I came home empty-handed, I still enjoyed my day!


  1. My goodness, what a trooper you are to come home empty handed and seem to be dealing with it just fine.HA.
    looks like you had a nice walk about at a lot of nice places. Such a nice area that you live in, everything looks like it has been there forever. love that.

  2. What super photographs, now I want to go and make a marshmallow snowman! Loved the twiggy pear tree, I always have a branch somewhere in the house at Christmas, we used to hang an apple bough from the living room ceiling and decorate it with birds and baubles. That is until it crashed down upon my guests one Christmas eve - whoops.
    Carolyn (Willow House)

  3. What a beautiful corner of the world you live in Niki! I like that caravan too, imagine what you could transform it into with your talents!

  4. Thank goodness that you had such beautiful surroundings to comfort you from your lack of goodies. I have days like that sometimes and others where I come away laden.

  5. You are right, it would be cool to have the vintage caravan as a workroom!
    I have updated my blog, read all about the Christmas market...

  6. that caravan...how I wish you could have bought it, you would have done such a beautiful job of doing it up. Nel

  7. A day off? Niki, are you sure that's allowed?!!! I'm impressed with the fact that you came home empty handed. We had a day in the Centre today of sellers rather than shoppers and I'm afraid I bought endless items - and nary a sale to my name!! See you on Sunday?

  8. Thanks for takeing us along on your shoping day, enjoyed all the decorated store fronts and liked all the photos. Also glad you had a good day, even if you did not buy anything.

  9. Since I can't come home to England for Christmas, I will enjoy the season vicariously through your photos. Thank you for sharing Niki.

  10. Hi Niki, Tetbury is a lovely town isn't it? A pity you didn't find any treasures this time - but maybe they're all waiting for you at Shepton this weekend! Clare x

  11. Wow great pictures, I loved to look at them! I'm especially fond of that white and sparkling tree with the birds in on of the windows. Glad to read that you have had a good time although you came home empty handed.


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