Monday, December 18, 2006

She's Home!

Here is my daughter Kayleigh, safely home but suffering severe jet-lag! (And wearing her Montana University sweatshirt!) I have never known anyone sleep for soooo long!!
This is what she bought us back....Montana being famous for Huckleberries!

It's so good to have her home. She has been showing me all the clothes that she found in the Thrift Stores - I will make her into a 'Vintage Girl' yet!
Now that she is home we will begin our Christmas preparations and buy our Xmas tree tomorrow....

We have added lights to our entrance porch already, along with a wreath and baby Christmas trees in pots.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!


  1. Anonymous9:52 pm

    And a very merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. So glad she's home, Niki! You'll be able to relax now and really get into the Christmas spirit!!! Have a super time.
    Sue xx

  3. Niki,
    How nice to have your daughter home with you, once she wakes up you two should have a really good time.
    She sure is cute Niki, even if she is a bit tired.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. The house is decorated, your daughter is safely home...let the festivities begin !
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family Niki..

  5. Merry Christmas to you too. You can really start to feel Christmassy now your daughter is home. Your porch looks really lovely, especially all lit up.

  6. Hi Niki, I can certainly see the resemblance! How lovely to have all the family together. The sight of those huckleberry pretzels have made my mouth water! Enjoy the festivities with your family - the decorations are looking lovely! Clare x

  7. You must be thrilled to have Kayleigh home Niki,its going to be a very special Christmas for you all!
    Blessings from our house to yours xx

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas!


  9. I came by way of Carol's and what a delight! I read this whole page and your home is so warm and inviting inside and out! Love your style of decorating!You have certainly given me ~*an idea*~ with what to do with all my Christmas baubles now that I am NOT putting up
    large trees... we just place a table top have decided to keep things simple. Wishing you a
    ~*wonderful Christmas*~ with your daughter and family!

  10. Ohh Nikki so glad she made it home safely. Your front entry is so awesome I love how the name is etched above the door.
    Can't wait to see your tree.
    Happy Holiday to your family.

  11. LOOK at that wreath in the background! FAB-OO!

  12. Anonymous8:43 am

    I can feel the celebrations beginning...Happy Christmas!

  13. Beautiful entrance to your amazing home!!!
    LOVE the wreath!
    Great blog site!

  14. I remember seeing these posts at xmastime and looooving what you were doing, but I couldn't find you again. THANKYOU for saying hi, because now I can bookmark you!!!


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