Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree....

Twelve years ago, when my 'third born' was just a baby, I used to do the Craft Fair Circuit, where I sold my handmade Folk Art/ New England style decorations. At the time there was little available in the UK, of this type, so they were very good sellers. Consequently, my children have grown up with the homespun look. I would love to say that all of my decorations are beautiful vintage baubles, lamenta, tinsel and a tatty fairy on the top....but my girls would not forgive me if I was to swap the old decorations that they are used to in favour of antique ones or co-ordinated modern ones! So here is our tree....perhaps not looking as beautiful as the ones featured in other blogs, but this is for my daughters....

There are my collection of raggedy Annie's and teddy bears gathered well as my daughter Emily, who thinks I haven't noticed her hiding there!

These are so easy to make with a small square of wood, painted and hanging with curly wire. The snowman was another variation, cut to shape with a jig-saw....
I also made 'spoolie dolls' from tiny wooden cotton reels and garlands of check fabric hearts....

There are several of these calico bags filled with cloves and lots of rusty hearts and stars with homespun fabric loops.

This is our angel topper...not made by me...she was purchased from the Bath Christmas Market.

These two little chaps came from Heidelberg, Germany, when we were lucky enough to visit the Christmas market there....
Two more favourites....

Finally I have managed to make my mince pies today!!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.....


  1. What beautiful Christmas decorations! Thank you for sharing your pictures--I am enjoying them immensely.

  2. What a beautiful tree Niki. I love all your decorations. A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. Well I for one think it looks homely and very heartwarming. I absolutely love the decorations. The Raggedy Annies below are fantastic. Also please may I just 'pinch' one of those very tempting mince pies please... :o))

  4. Niki,
    Everything looks perfect as usual. I know some of our tastes change over the years, but tradition wins, and everything looks great.

  5. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Nikki you have a gorgeous Christmas tree filled with tradition and happy memories. It's beautiful!! I love it!

  6. Beautiful pictures - I love the homespun/country look. What a fantastic collection of Raggedy Annes and teddies you have!
    Merry Christmas.

  7. That tree is absolutely precious!

  8. I really love the cushion and the bag for the old lady. She must be very happy for it. And it is fun it is herself at the photo. :) Charming! And you got a lot of nice Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas to you. :o)

  9. I have used the same tecnich as you, with iron-on paper. And you could be able to print the photo and text the wrong way around. You can mark it out before printing. I have done that.

  10. Hi Niki

    I love your tree. Ours has survived in a pot from last year and I brought it in this evening. All I have to do now is persuade Paul that he needs to climb up into the roof to bring down the decorations. Ours are a mix of old (from my childhood) and those acquired over the years while Hannah was growing up.

    Every year Father Christmas does a stocking for Han and Rob and each year he manages to find them a new decoration to add to their tree. It's amazing how traditions just seem to evolve, isn't it!

    Have a super Christmas.

    Sue x

  11. Oh my natureboy would love to have one of those mince pies his favorite and I have yet to make some for him.
    A tradition his mother always baked for him and now she's with the angels

    Your tree is lovely...all those creative hand designed decorations on
    under and around the tree! Love your drapes too! Merry Christmas! hugs NG

  12. I think your tree and decorations are quite lovely! Have a most blessed Christmas!

  13. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Trees are all about family traditions and I think yours looks beautiful as do the mince pies! Merry Christmas Niki.

  14. I found your site thru nature girl and SO glad I did, I love it!! Your style is SO me!! My Mom was born and raised in England so I'm drawn to all things English! I'll be a regular for sure!!

  15. Hi Niki, the tree looks quite lovely (as does the little pixie hiding behind it!) Your mince pies look absolutely delicious - perhaps you could magic some this way?! Clare xx

  16. Hey Nikki that's what makes Christmas special the carrying on of traditions... I love your prim tree but I have a lot of country and vintage and prim in my home to begin with.
    Enjoy your time with DD

  17. Your tree and decorations are lovely, thank you for sharing!

  18. Your tree is great, I love everythIng on it Niki.
    The mince pies look delish...I will make mine tomorrow...when I make them too early I eat them all, and have to make them again, (and again sometimes..!)

  19. Anonymous1:50 am

    Hi Niki!
    I love these pictures AND your wonderful Christmas decor! So many special things and all of them are just lovely. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  20. Anonymous11:02 am

    its a truly lovely tree niki. I dont like the "coordinated" look on a tree personally, it looks too much like someone went into a shop and bought a matching set of everything, no character. My favorite trees are ones that have a varied collection of pretties! I think I might be a tree snob! hahahaha.

  21. Hurray I can comment again :D

    hm I'd like to taste one of your mince cookies they look so yummy and beautiful!

    Your Christmas tree is wonderful Niki and I'm in love with all your self made country style decorations! Just gorgeous!

    I have just set up our tree and am going to decorate it now. Fun, fun! :D

    Again I wish you and your loved ones a fabulous Christmas time!

    So glad we've "met" through blogging this year, nothing better than finding a kindred spirit!

    Hugs Carol xox

  22. Anonymous3:25 pm

    I would not trade those ornaments for any baubbles

    I thank you for your friendship...

    Merry Christmas.

  23. Children's holiday memories are a funny thing. You just aren't allowed to change what they remember about the holidays. I was the same way. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  24. I just love your decorated tree!
    I want to wish you and your family a merry christmas and all the best for 2007.

  25. I LOVE your tree Nikki nad your decorations are brilliant! I bet you had a great Christmas and it must have been lovely having your 3 girls together again. Happy New Year sweetie. Hope to see you again soon xxx


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