Thursday, February 08, 2007

Authentic Vintage.

I visited Carol's blog this morning and was inspired by a quote that she has on her sidebar. It reads: 'I would rather own authentic vintage than designer fake.' I have to say that I do agree with that too. That's not to say that I don't have any repros in my home, but where possible, I would always prefer to have the real thing. Apart from the fact that these old time-worn objects have far more appeal to me, they are often cheaper too!
For example:

My fabric covered C19th French drawers cost £18.00 at an Antiques Fair.
Cath Kidston's drawers cost £45.00.

Our original French armoire cost around £400 from eBay, including delivery.
Laura Ashley's wardrobe costs £1575
I have a large collection of vintage fabrics and have paid from £1.00 to around £30.00.
Kate Forman's are £39.95 per metre.

The eiderdowns that I have found over the years, have ranged in price from £10.00 for a tatty one, that needed a good wash, to around the £50 mark.
Cath Kidston's are £110
Sometimes it can take a bit of time to find the original article, but that is the fun of it. When you finally find what you have been searching for, you feel rewarded.
And think about the environment; Antiques are the ultimate in recycling!


  1. Here, here, Niki!! Well said!

    I love those drawers, to say nothing of the eiderdowns of course!

    Have you had snow?

    Sue xx

  2. I so much prefer the vintage "real" thing to newly-fashioned. This is a wonderful post, Niki! Whenever I touch something that is old, whether it is a linen, button, teacup, or what have you, I always try to imagine all the hands that have handled it before (sometimes I even try to imagine what the people looked like and how they dressed)! You can't do that with something new.

  3. Wow,
    I never thought of the price differences, some of the 'designer fakes' are really dear!

  4. Oh, I agree completely although I am just starting to come around. I'm sure over the years to come there will be more and more vintage in my home as well.

  5. Niki,
    Not to mention that the used and older things have soul, and have a story to tell. I wish we could hear it.

  6. Anonymous5:13 pm

    And, vintage has so much more character! I always tell my friends & customers that vintage items are the hidden bargains in the decor world.

  7. Great post Niki! I totally agree. Some of these 'rip off' vintage items are ridiculously expensive and nowhere near as nice as the originals.

  8. My sentiments, exactly! Our apartment is filled with vintage and antiques - I don't like reproductions, except in rare circumstances. My eye has now been trained to appreciate quality and I can't settle for fakes. And you're right, recycling is a bonus!

  9. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Well said!

  10. Anonymous8:41 pm

    I agree! For most of my married life we bought what we could afford and that was generally thrift store cast-offs. Before I realized it I had a really chic home. Everyone complimented my style. Style? Well thats exactly what it was.
    Now as it stands I cannot and will not buy from a furniture showroom. It's thrift and once in awhile I will pull out all the funds to get something that I really want from a dealer, but I can guarantee you that it most definitely will not be new.
    My mother in law loves this quote "I have champagne taste with a beer pocketbook!" Hooray for us stylish thrifty girls!

  11. Hi Niki, I absolutely, totally, 100% agree with you! The modern imitations are not only often more expensive but they lack that certain feel and look that only true vintage has! Clare x

  12. The vintage items have been used and loved and have a history that only adds to their appeal. Your examples prove that. Great post.

  13. Hi! Very nice pictures!!

  14. I wholeheartedly agree!
    I am convinced that even if I could someday afford the new stuff, I would always shop vintage, thrift... items with history... that we give new life to!
    What fun is it to just walk in anywhere and buy whatever... the fun is in the hunt.
    And don't we just LOVE telling the stories from each of our treasures!!!

  15. I read that quote before as well, it's really well said!

  16. I agree with all that too.

    I would rather spend a small fortune on a well made antique bed than a huge fortune on one from Laura Ashley.

    I love the comparing of prices Niki - great post:)

  17. Well said! Unfortunately we live in a throw away society and high street shops import what can only be described as "dross" this is so detrimental to the economics of little old G.B we are a nation steeped with craft skills and have an abundance of cottage industry, barcode stickers and made in china just does'nt do it for me, what a choice mass produced, soulless, tat OR honest, well worn, pieces with a story to tell...............

  18. Crikey, yes. Real old things are so much better than easy to find new things. Unless we are talking robot hoovers which I do have. I couln't live without the please of finding interesting old things at boot sales and the like. And we get to recycle too.

  19. I do agree with Carol !
    You`ve got a lot of nice fabrics there. Love Cath Kidston. I have a few books of her.Strange, i was reading one yesterday evening..
    Have a warm weekend...i have the flue...uhu...I feel sorry for myself...:=)

  20. Anonymous4:25 pm

    I so agree. Most of my family and friends say I was born in the wrong era. But for me it is simply the beauty and resilience of the vintage 'bits' I find that make me love them.

  21. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Fantastic post Niki! I am a massive re-cycler when it comes to my materials. I am always looking for ways to make even the smallest scrap of fabric into something pretty for my home or somebody elses. I really admire your attitude and thank you for showing us some great examples.

    Hugs from a big fan of yours.
    Cherry xx

  22. I agree with you 100%. There is nothing like the real thing, even when it's falling apart.

  23. Crikey - it is shocking when you see the old and new side by side!
    I would always prefer to buy Vintage items for my home but they are getting harder to find and more expensive because so many people now love "vintage" and it has become trendy - it kind of makes me feel a little sad for all of us who have enjoyed older items for sooooo many years!!
    Great post - really makes you think....
    Tracy x

  24. Love the covered drawers and so many absolutely beautiful things at your blog! I`ve enjoyed catching up :)


  25. Wow you are so lucky to own all those beautiful authentic pieces!

  26. Oh, and the french armoire has sooooo much more character than that old Laura Ashley thing. Just think of the hands that have touched it...I think I can count on one hand the new furniture that I have purchased for my house.

  27. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I love vintage quilts. I have one that my grandmother made.


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