Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Amaryllis with a Mind of Their Own!

When I planted three Amaryllis bulbs at Christmas time, I expected to have an amazing display of flowers in varying colours.....

Well, I have these amazing blooms in the most vivid red that are stunning....but all is not as it seems...
One of the other bulbs has come up blind, with no sign of any flowers, just leaves....
And the other....well, that has only just woken up, so who knows what that will be doing, but I do spy two shoots....

Oh well, not quite the spectacular display I had imagined! Think I shall have to work on my green-fingers....

Yesterday I received a pretty parcel of goodies from the very kind-hearted Louise, from this fab blog. How sweet of her to send me these beautiful old lace trims to use on my handmade dolls.

She also enclosed the adorable vintage postcard. Thank you Louise, although we live hundreds of miles apart, I am touched by your kindness and I shall enjoy using them all.

I updated my website yesterday too, with over 40 items, including both hand made goodies and vintage treasures. Special thanks to all the wonderful people who made a purchase yesterday.
Thank you! - you are very much appreciated. Niki. x


  1. Louise really is a great friend...Her etsy shop is great too! Your amaryllis is nothing to be ashamed of...those are hard to grow and yours is beautiful!

  2. the flowers are beautiful!

  3. Those amaryllis are just stunning! Such a vibrant red! I can't grow anything in my house other than children! heehee
    (So happy you are pleased with the lace.)

  4. I grew one of those over the winter, they grow so fast. Mine had two huge flowers, so pretty, wish they could have lasted longer.
    Just got back from the thrift store, if you get a chance go see all the stuff I got today.
    Can hardly wait for my purchase from you to get here, I love all your stuff. You had so many things on your site this time.

  5. LOVE the romantic prints down below and thanks for the whitening tips! The flowers are lovely - I have always meant to try forcing those!

  6. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Your Amaryllis are stunning! I have a black thumb so can't help with the 'silent' bulb! Your gift from Louise I am sure will be put to good use...made into something beautiful!

  7. Anonymous8:03 am

    I have been away so am just catching up on some posts. Thanks so much for the tips on cleaning up old linens, i have a few stained ones so needed some ideas! They are lovely but cant really be used in the current condition, so your post came at a great time for me. Also love your little gift with the millinery flowers, so pretty. Renee x

  8. Anonymous11:04 am

    Your amaryllis is spectatular.

  9. What a lovely touch of Spring! It makes me want to put my hands in the dirt.

  10. Oh lucky you to receive such gorgeous lace from Louise! I'm so happy for you to see how quick your beautiful dolls etc. sell! Well done! xox

  11. Hi Niki, your amaryllis are beautiful! Isn't Louise lovely, that card is just wonderful.

    I would say you've earned a rest after working so hard on those wonderful creations for your shop - but I imagine they've sold by now so you'll have to get sewing again!!!

    Clare x

  12. With a big sighhhh! I love your website and it is sure eye candy of the vintage kind. I don't find all the lovely things you do or craft as often as you but I come to your blog and dream having a special English cottage someday all pretty up like your lovely home. Thanks for sharing Niki.
    p.s. Thanks for showing us how to remove those stains.I must try it on some of my recent finds.


  13. Stunning amaryllis for sure! A lovely post as always!hugs NG


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