Friday, February 09, 2007

Little People!

Lots of new little people, made by me.....

....And made by the little people; well my 13 year old daughter Emily, after school yesterday!

Thanks to all who made a purchase from my website today, it is very much appreciated. Niki xx


  1. Beautiful little dolls handmade

  2. WOW NIKI,
    Your new things are flying out the door!! I checked at seven thirty this morning and you had already sold a whole bunch. Good for you. I liked that basket, but it was already a gonner.
    I just got back from the thrift store, got a couple of rose pieces and a black velvet shawl, you know always hoping for more, but that was it for today. Oh forgot to tell you I got out my hand beaded Hanky and made good use of it, because you inspire me to think up these things.

  3. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Those dolls are gorgeous! As for the cupcakes, they look delicious too. Must check out your items for sale.

  4. I must get up earlier in the morning when you add more goodies to your shop! I am soooo pleased that I will now own one of your lovely dollys!

  5. More gorgeous things Niki.Looks like they're flying out the door. The latest fairies are gorgeous. I'm feeling very tempted...

  6. Wow, those dolls are adorable!! I wish to have some of them!!! You've found original things for great prices(about post below)..I've been visiting some antique shops around town and nothing catchs up my eyes. Nothing really attractive. I just found a little white vase this week that is decorating now my table. I will show on my blog later.

  7. The dolls are sweet, and so are the cupcakes. Well done Emily. I l do like the vintage plates they are served on too!

  8. The dolls look sooooooooooo beautiful!!!

    Oh, I have two templated for littles fairies that I would like to sew soon! But these days, I am still working on the hearts for my nostalgic heart swap.

    Have a great week-end, Nikki!

  9. Hi Niki, you have been busy haven't you?! I'm sure they will sell as quickly as the others - better get ready for another busy sewing week!

    It's just as well you have your lovely daughter to do the baking for you; you'd never fit it all in otherwise!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Clare x

  10. Anonymous10:49 am

    Your little people are so lovely and lovingly put together for us to enjoy. And those cupcakes look extra yummy... They are making me hungry!

  11. They are all lovely as can be! And the cupcakes are making me so hungry. Too bad it's a little early for chocolate.

  12. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Looks like you can't get those fairies made quick enough, bet the cakes go as quickly!

  13. Oh My! Niki you are so creative. Your cupcakes looks yummy too. I always enjoy seeing your pretty photos.

  14. Very nice little dolls! And the cupcakes look really delicious!

  15. The dolls are beautiful. Tell me more about the store and ordering.

    Enjoy your blog and all the pictures, after all a picture is worth a thousand words....

  16. Hello Betty,
    Thank you very much for your interest.
    I have my own website, which I have had for over 3 years. I update regularly and there is a mailing list for anyone wishing to be listed.
    The website address is:
    Warmest wishes,

  17. Wow...what beautiful dolls! I'm so envious of those who can do such intricate needlework...

  18. Those cakes look yummy !!

  19. I LOVE your blog! It is just wonderful... You have such great things on here. Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you have a beautiful day :-} ~Mary~ IsabellasCloset

  20. Hey Niki,

    I'm so glad the gorgeous white fairy will be mine soon :D
    Hm yummy cupakes! Thank you xox

  21. Oh my! I just ADORE your little dolls!!! I just may need a "present"... =) Debbie

  22. I adore your little ladies! They're absolutely precious!


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