Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Romantic Collage

I'm still waiting for my new sewing machine to be delivered - I think the Bank Holiday must have slowed deliveries in the mean time I have had to be creative in other ways....
I found this delightful old photo portrait of a pretty girl at a flea market. Unfortunately, as you see, it was in a bit of a sorry state. The glass was missing, the frame was chippy (but I love that about it!) and the photo itself was water damaged....

I gathered together some of my favourite vintage treasures, including antique lace and millinery flowers and set to work.

I glued the lace around the inside of the frame, gathering as I went. I highlighted her dress with a ruffle of millinery flowers and some velvet ones decorate her hair.

The tiny portrait was a Christmas card from 1903, that I stuck behind an antique photo mount. Finally a Victorian Rose scrap was added to the bottom and a scattering of Forget-me-not flowers were sprinkled amongst the lace.
She will hang from a pink satin ribbon.

Yesterday I received a delightful package from Heather at 'Pretty Petals', that I had ordered from her new website.

The sweet little linen bundle now rests on my basket full of linen hand towels in my bathroom. And the handmade pretty pocket hangs from the bathroom door. Thanks Heather, I love it all!

I also received this purple pack of craft supplies......

So until my sewing machine is delivered I shall get gluing instead of sewing....


  1. Ah! You saved that poor woman's memory in grand style. Lucky her and lucky us for getting to stare!

  2. Anonymous10:15 am

    You made her even lovelier.

  3. Hi Niki

    What an amazing transformation. She looks stunning. I love your purchases/gifts, too.

    Sue xx

  4. Niki, Oh my gosh lovely, lovely; lovely! Your blog is always lovely. You are so very good at what you do.
    I was wondering if I could have your birthday to add next to your link on my blog? That is only if you do not mind. Thanks! Have a beautiful day :-}~Mary~

  5. You really outdid yourself with this make-over! Gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful collage you've made, Niki! Keep making more and put them in your shop, please??? =)

    I've also purchased treasures from Heather's site - they (and she) are all so wonderful!

  7. What a lovely transformaion! And isn't all of Heather's stuff so romantic and pretty?

  8. You sure did a job on the picture!! Wonder who she was, or is, and wouldn't she be surprised to see herself.
    You got lots of good stuff in the mail, that is always a very good thing.

  9. How beautiful You did a wonderful job. She looks happy now!
    Enjoy your new sewing machine when it arrives.

  10. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Quelle délicatesse !

  11. I love your latest project! You have so many wonderful ideas, you could put them into a book! I love the pattern on the CZ jug, it's so pretty isn't it!! And how funny that you also had a Devon Rex-they are very mischevious aren't they!I am going to add your blog and web-site to my favourites, so I can visit often and I am working on my husband to take me to the shop you recommended! Have a great week!!

  12. Really lovely the collage you made with the portrait!

  13. I hope your sowing machine comes soon but I so enjoy looking at all the treasures you are making while waiting for the machine. The picture is so pretty and will find a special spot of importance in your vintage home.

  14. Hi again-just wanted to add that Comfortable Country is one of my favourite books too! And, I also really like the Cabbages and Roses book. We found the coat-hanger thingy in an old chest of drawers. Think it would be quite easy to make one similar-could it be your next project?!!!

  15. I love the way you put everything together it looks so nice.


  17. How's the gluing going?
    Always inspired here and charmed bybsuch lovely photos.

    Have you visited 4sisters as of late?

  18. Hi Niki,

    What a truly beautiful transformation!

    Looks like you got some lovely things from Heather too.

    Clare x

  19. Hi Niki!! OH that picture is so absolutly divine! What a great idea!! I love that little picture with the reddish pretty!

    I am so glad you liked your goodies and they look so cute where you put them! I love the hanger idea!Thank you for your kind words!

    Heather :)

  20. You turned Cinderella back into a Princess!

  21. So lovely!
    And the picture itself is so nice...She's pretty and even smiling!!!
    I think she's happy with her new embellishments. :)

    All of my old portrait photos have such a somber or serious tone.

  22. You seemed to have found something very enjoyable to do whilst waiting for your sewing machine! Very impressed - the collage looks beautiful. My mum used to have an old french collage that was very similar and I remember just staring and staring at it when I was younger! Your goodies from Heather look equally beautiful too. Have a good weekend.
    Kim x

  23. A beautiful lady once again. And everything old is new again.

  24. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Niki, you created, yet again, another beautiful treasure! Just lovely.. have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Anonymous2:09 pm

    So nice.

  26. Niki you glue as good as you sew! Great job you did on that picture really and I love the things you've purchased from Heather Pretty petals! Hugs Carol xox

  27. hello again! so when can i come visit! ha! just added you to my have lovelt things and very creatively beautiful..and chickens too..any rabbits??


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