Friday, August 31, 2007

'Glad Tidings'.

I had a fruitful day at the flea market on Sunday. My latest acquisitions include some beautiful postcards, vintage costume brooches.....

Antique lace......

And fabulous fabrics....

Which will all be used in my next selection of handmade goods.

I am so glad (no pun intended!) that I spent a couple of hours in my garden at the beginning of the year, getting some Gladioli bulbs into the ground. I have been rewarded with these stunning blooms. They are so easy to grow and provide a dramatic splash of colour as we head into the autumnal season, when other flowers are beginning to fade.
I love how exotic they look.

Lastly I would like you to meet a friend of mine!
She happily sits on our raised decking most days and doesn't flinch when I walk past her with a basket full of laundry, as I trek down to the washing line. (Or to take her photograph!)

She does have a mate and they spend hours in our garden preening each other.

I can't believe it will be September tomorrow; time certainly flies by. It's good to stop now and then to look at the flowers blooming and the birds enjoying the late summer sunshine.
Enjoy your weekend, Niki x


  1. You always find the prettiest things! I love the colour of your gladioli - I never get round to planting them and always wish I had. Your little friend would have to fly away sharpish round here, my two cats would soon see her off, she is lovely.
    Kim x

  2. what lovely things you found, well done! its such a nice feeling coming home with the treasure you find isnt it?

    Leanne x

  3. I am oooh'ing and ahhh'ing over your gorgeous laces, Niki! And your flowers are even MORE stunning! And your precious pair of doves... what a treat!

  4. Beautiful flea market finds!
    The flowers are beautiful as well.
    I have one of those doves in my yard too!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. You are so lucky to have found such great things! I love glads, too, we had them in our wedding! It is fun to come here and read such neat articles.

  6. Hi Niki

    You did well with your purchases again I see! There are some lovely pieces in that bumper bundle of fabrics I told you about. I'm sure I'll still have plenty at the 3-day for you to look through!

    Sue x

  7. Hi Niki!
    Everything looks so pretty! I looked thru your shop the other talented you are...everything is yummy and you haven't sat still a moment have you?!
    Sweet dove visiting you!

  8. Love those laces. Beautiful " gladiolos" in Spainish

  9. Anonymous7:41 pm

    I always find such beautiful photos when I come to visit you - it's all so lovely.

  10. You always photograph your finds so beautifully!

  11. oh my... such prettyness!!! So many good finds...I love them all!

    by the way...forgot to tell you how cute the little birdie doll came out.. so sweet. I was so excited to see what a gorgeous creation you made with those sweet little birds.

    what a sweet little dove.
    xo Heather

  12. Such lovely finds! The lace is fantastic, as are your flowers.

  13. Anonymous9:36 am

    We have a pair of collar necks who visit the garden several times a day, they make such a devoted couple. No gladioli though, I always forget to planr bulbs.

  14. I love all those goodies, can't wait to see what you do with them.

    We have a particularly friendly dove at the moment. Maybe it likes me chasing off the other big birds, with my bird clacker that Sue gave me;))

    best wishes Ginny

  15. Your dove is beautiful. I MUST get a camera with the really strong zoom lens.

  16. My goodness, your beautiful dolls (enjoyed the history), your finds, your glads, and the sweet mourning doves - altogether wonderful.

    Again I must say - so glad you're back with us Niki.

  17. Love your cute doves and of course the gladiolus in my fave flower colors Niki! Oh and how lucky you was finding the loveliest antique things again! Enjoy all your beautiful treasures and the garden time too!
    Carol xox

  18. Gladioli are on of my favourite flowers ! I love the top on best - Julia x

  19. What perfect timing! I am just thinking about colour in my garden in Summer and here are your delicious gladioli. Here in New Zealand Spring has just arrived. I am just a baby blogger and am still learning to make my blog as gorgeous as your one. I love your amazing treasures. We just put a bird feeder up and are enjoying the feathered visitors too.

  20. what a lovely blog! I will wisit again! wow!

  21. We have a arbor over our back porch. A previous owner, built a extra little ledge in one corner, and we have pairs of doves hatch their babies out in that little area. So far this summer, we have had four pairs nesting! As soon as one pair of babies leaves the nest, another mama moves in! LOL!

  22. Your iris and glads are gorgeous! Oh my. Who doesn't love those peace doves. They are so gentle. We had a nest in the spring. We left for break so I missed the hatchings. What wonderful finds. Love the cup and saucer. So pretty.

  23. Hi Niki
    Seeing the doves brought back some wonderful memories. My sister, my best friend and I visited the UK in 2005. We stayed in a lovely cottage in the Cotswolds and the doves would sit on the chimneys of our cottage and the neighboring ones as well and coo. I have them in my own yard here in the States, but it's just not the same! Thanks for igniting lovely memories!


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